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Monday, 20 December 2010



I want to try a Chicago Dog :) everytime you have one, you make me want one too...


Oh my such a decadent hot dog...Places to travel to eat forgetabout seeing.


Wow!! I had to take an extra dose of lipitor after looking at that picture but it is now a must try on my next trip to windy city


Nice! Definitely on my bucket list!


Brother-in-law showed us photos from Hot Doug's and he also had the foie gras & sauternes duck sausage. I forgot what else he had, but it all looked so good.


wow... it's not even 8 am and here I am drooling over foie dogs... I can just imagine after finishing both of those hotdogs that you were cross eyed stuffed! I'm also impressed that you drove almost 3 hours for the cause.


Not going to Hot Doug's is the one thing I regret from my recent Chicago trip!


That fois gras dog looks absolutely sinful....


If you thought the line for Hot Doug's was long, it's nothing compared to XOCO's! I went to both places on a trip to Chicago last year and XOCO is really good, but the 2hr wait was... challenging. I had a mixed mushroom torta with goat cheese and black bean salsa that was so good I ordered a second one immediately! Now I make a variant of it at home.

Also, I really liked The Wieners Circle for the classic Chicago style dog. Just a thought for next time.


hi kirk - very nice post! the owner is a cool guy too. we went back a few days later to try their duck fat fries (since it was a wednesday for our 1st visit) those were pretty good. we also had it with celery soda (interesting flavor). The dog we chose had "atomic" in the title and I called it the Atomic Dog by mistake and Doug joked about that. Bow wow wow yippy yo yippy yay, bow wow yippy yo yippy yay....


Hi Kat - I like the combinatino of flavors and textures in the Chicago Dog.... gotta be a Vienna Beef or similar type dog though.

LOL Bill! I agree!

Hi Mike - Hot Doug's really delivered..... they've got a ton of different sausages.

Hi Michael - Happy Holidays! I hope you're able to cross that one off soon.

Hi Sandy - I wish I had more time to check out some of the other sausages.

Hi FH - I actually flew in and out of Chicago, so I had to return..... but I was not to be denied a visit to Hot Doug's.

Hi Rosa - It sure is. I'm wondering how long it's going to be before there are a ton on imitators.

Hi RT - I think I've mentioned in a previous post.... so far I've been to Wiener's Circle, Super Dawg, Gene and Jude's, and Portillo's.

Hi CC - That's funny. Doug Sohn seems such a laid back guy..... very pleasant.

Passionate Eater

A shower afterwards? You are hilarious and wonderful Kirk! But yes, I needed that too after eating his hot dog creations!


Hi PE - It was pretty rich and filling.... but that's what I get for ordering what I did! It's really nice to hear from you PE!

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