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Sunday, 28 November 2010



first! lol

that is quite a big sandwich, and man all that food looks soo good. i've never had tabouleh before, but it seems simple enough to make...been on a fresh greens kick lately too. i also have a weakness for falafels...and that rice looks AMAZING!


Looks like a great place Cathy! Been meaning to drop by the International Market off balboa again ever since your post reminded me about them. Anyway that sandwich looks SO good...


That Beef shawarma sandwich sounds enticing, especially with turnips pickled in beet juice. I'll have to check this place out next time I'm in El Cajon.

Food  Coma 911

Beef shawarma and falafels looks so yummy. I can't believe how cheap it is too! Thanks for sharing and can't wait to go :D


Will have to stop by. The sandwich looks yum!


I eat tabouleh all the time, Sawyer, yet I see no mention of it anywhere in all my posts about Mediterranean places. It's easy to make and so good. All the items here had unique spices which went together so well.

Get yourself to Balboa International, Dennis; it isn't that far away. You'll like it and the food there as well as here...and all the other places Kirk and I have talked about.

Pickled turnips are kind of a standard condiment at Mediterranean places, dave. You'll like them.

Great prices at all the Markets I linked to, FC911.

A simple, hearty sandwich, Liz. You'll like it.


Why do I always read your post on an empty stomach? Man that beef shawarma sandwich looks awesome and so does the rice. I've yet to try falafel. Maybe after the holidays, you and I should grab a bite so you can teach me the ropes. :-)


It's habit to check out our bookmarked blogs first thing in the morning, Carol. You just have to get into the habit of grabbing food first :) Yes, the New Year will be a great time to visit. I have no plans! The food here, and a lot of other places in East County, is awesome.


I think we may go here for a late lunch today based thus post!


So happy to have introduced you to Valley Foods, cc. It's a great place to eat and shop.
I'll link your post within. For anyone interested, look here:

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