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Saturday, 06 November 2010



You dislike something about every place you eat at.


hi kirk - hey, you were in middleton? i just found out that the mustard museum just moved there! last october when we went to chicago and wisconsin, the mustard museum was in the small town of mt. horeb. it moved to middleton in nov 2009 so we got them before the move!

maybe next time you're in that area, you can check it out. :) they're renamed the national mustard museum now!


these sound hot to me...though they look good :)


I love the little styro wing containers that look like egg cartons! So cute.
Funny that the triple atomic wings came with a foil underneath. Is that so they won't melt through the container??


Your skepticism about the wings reminded me of those Fear Factor eps that featured balut. A Filipino comedian once joked that he could imagine a Filipino janitor eating the balut, collecting the $50,000 prize money - and asking for seconds.


Hi S - It's just my honest opinion..... so do you like everything about every place you eat at? I don't think you've been reading the blog for very long.

Hi CC - Sounds like fun. Maybe next time.

Hi Kat - It was hot, but not what I thought they'd be.

Hi Dennis - Wow, I didn't even notice that..... I just went at the wings.

Hi Ed - That's funny.... and very true.

The Food Detective

Why they have to go and put that police light on your table? So much for trying to lay low.

The wings looks red but just 500,000shu? Yes, MrC. will put it away like candy for sure. Do you think the naked shrimps are like 800,000shu?

By the way, does this place sell steak and do oil change too?


hi kirk - why is the word 'lube' in their restaurant name? hmmm....

and this is for ed - i totally agree with you! any older Filipino dad/uncle/grandpa would easily win Fear Factor if it involved eating balut. ha ha! i know my dad wouldn't balk at eating one!


Hi TFD - What kind of peppers were they using for the Naked Shrimp.... Thai Chilies go up to 100,000 - most habaneros only to 500,000, which is why I thought they use habanero extract. I think the addition of all that acid (lime) and raw garlic just made the naked shrimp so much hotter.

Hi CC - The original Quaker State was opened in an old gas station.... though perhaps some people might want a lube the day after eating some of those triple atomic wings.

Andy Sze

Wings sound all hype


but he has a brave man, nonetheless to confront the behemoth


wow, the name alone makes my tastebuds shrink... triple atomic. I like a bit of spice, but not the kind that requires signing a waiver!


I sweat just thinkging about those wings. But then I'm a bit of a "wussy" (hey another word that rhymes with "fussy"!)


I can't watch that Man vs Food. It really makes me sick to my stomach. The red light was a bit over-the-top, but I guess its part of the gimmick. Wish I could handle really spicy food like I used to. I've never heard of ghost peppers before. I started to watch that video clip, but as soon as I heard what she was going to do, I had to stop. What some people will do for attention.


Just the name alone is hurting me.


Hi Andy - The wings actually aren't that bad.....but I imagine the Atomic Wings aren't that spicy.

LOL Sawyer! I'm sure you'd have no problem with these.

Hi FH - I think that's just part of the hype.

Hi Carol - Ha-ha-ha....... it does rhyme with fussy....

Hi Stephen - I'll usually watch the first twenty minutes of Man vs Food, then change the channel when the he's about to eat the titanic.

LOL Bill.... it's not that bad.

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