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Friday, 05 November 2010



Man, so many places yet to check out.. My mother used to fry tofu for me when she found out it was one of my favorites. So good when piping hot. Okinawan island or Shima-tofu is a bit different, quite firm with much less water content than most. It's also usually made coagulated from a nigari agent derived from sea water.


lol for some reason this title made me crack up when i heard it in my head. you def. gotta love these places. i don't think i've ever tried coffee tea tho? something to check out at the one near my place

that does seem surprising that the ramen broth is good...i would think that most of the places would use some kind of packaged stuff. good find cathy!


Looks like some good eats! Oh, fried tofu! Haven't had that since...forever. The squid looks really tasty.


I never knew what made tofu firm or soft, Dennis. Thanks! I do crave it, fried.
Coffeeteamilk, Sawyer-kind of like an "everything" bagel. It's my default when I can't decide. Some places add a lot of syrup/sweetener and I ask for none to be added (sometimes the coffee or tea is already made with the sweetener, so I want no additional). Yes, the food here has amazing quality. I was so happy to find it. (I write the way I think. It's interesting inside my brain.)
The squid and batter wasn't with much flavor, Carol...just tender and crispy. That 'relish'/sauce on top is what made it wonderous. I get fried tofu often. I guess I haven't blogged it. I look at it as my "healthy" fried snack....right there next to 'crispy' onions (you know, those wonderous bits that you put on top of green beans mixed with cream of mushroom soup as a Thanksgiving side dish...) (:


i've driven past this place soo many times and wondered what it was! thanks for the review!


So glad I did stop and could report on it, Lanaconga. Welcome to the commenting side of our blog.


I need to give a thought of stopping by. I love the various snacks. The tofu looks good to me. BBQ pork ramen looks nice too. They looks rich and frothy. Thanks for sharing.

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