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Saturday, 13 November 2010



That's funny, we were at Yaro last weekend and Sammy mentioned we should come in for the live uni. The Aoyagi (sp? the big clam) was delicious though. I'm curious what the Dancing Crab will be like too.

The Food Detective

Funny. Scroll down just enough so you can see the captions "One of the two things I was craving when I got back from Madison/Chicago" at the bottom and then look at the pictures on top.


That's a nice looking piece of uni! What kind of Okinawan dishes did the chef make?



even though I'm not a fan of uni, it looks really fresh!


Sam has Soki Soba specials on Tuesdays and for lunch. Not sure how much of a hand Zo-san had in that, though.


Ahhh I miss going to Sushi Yaro, fun times every time I was there. Also, I went to Gorilla last week with Ange. Ill do a post (eventually) on it, but from what we had, it was alright.


Wow, I remember going into the Okinawan place a looong time ago when I first moved down here. I need to check out Sushi Yaro at nights..


hey kirk - what? no photo of the PORK UTERUS? i've seen it there too on occasion. no lie.

funny, one of my guyfriends was just at ranch 99 last week and he was so tempted to buy the lamb nutz but didn't want to buy a pack of 6.


Lamb balls AND beef pizzle? Well that's just a party waiting to happen. :)

Andy Sze

Fo shizzle my beef pizzle!


Hi Jason - Just like the previous restaurant, I think it's a Kae Jang joint.


Hi Sherry - Actually it was Zo-san's wife you made stuff like rafute, chanpuru, etc....

Hi Kat - San Diego has some of the best Uni, and this was especially good.

Hi Hao - That's a Sammy dish..... not one of my favorites.

Hi Darwin - I wasn't to enthralled with the menu.....

Hi Dennis - I think Sam would enjoy seeing you. You should let him know before you go, so he can tell you what he'll have.

Hi CC - The Beef Smilt was in the cold case.....

Hi CP - It would be a super 'nad time!

LOL Andy......


Hi Kirk,

Like Darwin said, we ate at Gorilla this past week. They have a pretty limited selection of food. Definitely caters to the late night drunk crowd after a night of karaoke, in my opinion.


Hi Ange - That's what I figured.

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