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Thursday, 25 November 2010



nice! happy thanksgiving!


That duck makes me a saaaaaad panda.

 Jeff C

Happy Thanksgiving, Kirk and all.
Was wondering what the cost of duck was for you. We get half a duck here done with two dishes for 10 dollars.
My parents liked it quite well. Though for some reason they skimp on the scallions and the hoisin plum sauce. Not at all like your place. And the wrappers are gua bao style not the real wrappers that you get at this place. The eel dish looks delish but I think I would rather prepare it myself at home considering you can get eel from the frozen section pregrilled and pretty decent tasting.


That does seem like a lot of money for four disappointing dishes =(
But hopefully it was way better than a turkey, nothing is quite so dry and bland as that =)

 Jeff C

Sorry Kirk, missed the price listings you had there.

 Jeff C

Maybe the cornflakes acts like the shrimp crackers we had. It makes for crunch when you don;t have anymore skin and you want more.


Kirk, Happy Thanksgiving. Looks like another duck disappointment. Sorry about that. Those cornflake looking things look like those crispy things that you get with your egg drop soup at certain restaurants.

Andy Sze

I've eaten a couple times back when it was Lu Ding Gee and I was a bit disappointed with the eel rice as you. It looks fabulous as it did on the cover on of Los Angeles magazine but that was about it. I recall liking the duck quite a bit if in you case if it's served cold thats no good at all. I've also heard other reports from those who didn't call in advance where still able to procure a duck which makes it suspicious. However, I believe in traditional fashion, ducks are prepared once or twice a day in china..... so perhaps having people call in allows them to keep a tab on how much duck production is needed to satisfy the diners for the day.


Hi Kat - Thanks..... I hoep you had a great one!

Hi CP - It made my wallet very sad as well.

Hi Jeffrey - This place is very popular, but it just wasn't that good.

Hi Lynnea - I'm not sure that it was better than turkey to tell you the truth.

Hi Stephen - I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving..... this was very disappointing.

Hi Andy - I think the meat part is prepared in advance.... it was very cold. The skin was fine, if very bland. I'm thinking that they have some process where meat from a previous duck(s) are done in advance, and the duck skin is done a la minute. If I can get my act together, I'll have that Quanjude post up one of these days.


I hope to check this place out when I'm in town.


Hi Bill - Let me know what you think if you do.....

Wandering Chopsticks

I dined at their old location last year and got similar experience. Well, my duck was cold and a bit dry, but not as bland as you said. I like the fresh hot Peking duck at other Chinese restaurants better. Especially when they cut it tableside. And when I can request that they make lettuce cups with the extra duck meat.

I did like the eel rice though some people think it's too sweet.


Hi WC - Happy Holidays! It's so nice ot hear from you. Man, this duck was pretty bad.... both in flavor and execution.

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