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Monday, 29 November 2010



sounds like a great gathering! everything looks so good too.

ed (from Yuma)

Looks like a real treasure spot. Sounds like a great meal!!


I missed out a lot. I will need to get me some Peking Duck when I am in town it sure looks good.


Oh man, this was so awesome! And it was great to see you guys.
Thanks for inviting us and introducing us to the owners! I will definitely be back soon.


Hi Kat - We always have fun when we get together....

Hi Ed - You gotta check this place out when you're in town.

Hi Bill - Still fixated one that Peking Duck, huh?

Hi Jenne - It's always great to get together; I can't wait for the next one! I don't think I did any introducing.... George and Samia kinda greet everyone the same way......


I'm still dreaming about that garlic paste and thinking of foods I can put it on :-) Thanks for another fun night, Kirk! Looking forward to the next one!

Food Coma 911

I'm going to eat there right now! hah :D



can't wait to try this place! =)


Accessibility to any Asian food here is terrible. I've found a good Mediterranean, Indian, churrascaria, burger, bbq, street tacos, tex/mexican, but not a decent Chinese/Vietnamese. If I do find one it's a ABCD joint I hope I used that correctly.


Hi Howie - I just had some of the garlic paste last do I enjoy it.

Hi FC911 - I hope you enjoyed your meal.

Hi Lynnea - I think you'll love it.

Hi Bill - Good luck, it sounds like quite a task.


that sounds so awesome - I just love excellent food that also happens to be affordable!


Hi FH - Yes, and the owners make everyone who eats here feel at home.

Ed (from Yuma)

It was nice to get to Alforon again - finally. Chicken tawook still great, labni creamy and amazing, but pickles much diminished and more limited. Falafal seemed fully gritty and coarse, however. Tina and I enjoyed all even though place was a madhouse at about 12:30 on a Thursday afternoon.


That's great to know Ed. It's been a while since we've been here.

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