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Tuesday, 30 November 2010



too bad about the pho. thanks for explaining what "three dogs night" meant :)


Hi Kirk, that's too bad about the Pho too... So I'm guessing the dac biet you got was the regular size and not XL.. (judging by your lack of expectation too, ha)


I hear you about the cold weather, Kirk. I think it's been the coldest winter I've experienced here in the bay area. A steaming hot bowl of good pho (with ample basil leaves!) sounds pretty good right about now...


Pho does sound good right now, but then again it has been a very mild winter here so far. I hope it stays this way for awhile.


Hi Kat - It's been pretty cold around here lately.

Hi Dennis - I just ordered the #1.

Hi Sherry - Someone I know just got back from there and told me it was freezing.

Hi Bill - I think you may get what we've been having in a couple of days.


I see their banner says the grand opening was November 19, which was when I last drove by and saw it was finally open. It did seem to take forever.


Ahh man...this brings up fond memories of last week. I was up north in Milpitas for Thanksgiving and we hit up a place called Pho Nam. Best tendon ever. And that broth was wonderful. Ohhh getting hungry here.


Hi Kirk,

It's got an ideal location for me and coworkers to go over at lunch, and plenty of parking. And yet since that first time I can't quite work up the motivation to go back.


Hi Kirk, Have you gone to Pho Santee yet?


Hi Sandy - Yes, I got tired of seeing that "Coming Soon" sign.

Hi Jan - Man, could I use some Pho this morning.

Hi Fred - That's funny.

No not yet Michael, though more than a few folks have mentioned the place to me. I'm pretty sure that Cathy will have something soon.


You're right, it really is pho weather here in San Diego. matthew and tried out pho mignon the other night on our way to nijiya.

Green Turtle

Mission Valley prices ($6-$7 for Pho???) and mediocre quality for Asian food in Kearny Mesa? What are they thinking? I guess their target market is all the Bridgepoint people and other offices nearby.


Hi Lynnea - How did you like it?

Hi GT - I did feel the sticker shock.... especially after eating at Convoy Noodle House a couple of days after.


After reading this, I just had to try this place out. I am Vietnamese and my mom makes amazing Pho, so I came in a bit biased. I had to admit, I thought it was great! The staff was so friendly, I got my food very quickly, the broth was great, there was a generous amount of meat, and it stayed hot until the end. I had the Thai ice tea with boba and I also liked it. The boba balls were just the right texture.

I would even bring my family here. Overall, this is one of my new favorite Pho restaurants and I would recommend it!



Matthew and I liked pho mignon but just the service alone would get us back in there. the tea lattes are my big draw =)


Hi Breanna - I'm glad you enjoyed Pho Cali.... after visiting again, I'm not quite sold on the Pho here, as it is too salty and lacks depth of flavor.

Hi Lynnea - Yes, the service at Pho Mignon is very nice.



I sent you a few emails but not sure if you got them. I am looking for some recommendations on sushi knives that don't cost a fortune.

Also there is a dish at Saigon that is a chicken hot pot with rice on the bottom and it is slightly sweet. Not sure if you had that but I would love to know how to make the sauce.

I tried to make the boiled fish and it was close but needs a lot of tweaking I think my broad bean paste was a little bitter tasting actually. I like korean chile pastes so maybe I will try that next.

Thanks again for your help.

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