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Monday, 08 November 2010



hi cathy
although i've never had a bloody mary, your picture of it sure looks good!

i love fried potatoes in any shape or form!

i also like the way that you had the SD Reader article open to uh, a certain page.... :)


wow, i miss this kind of breakfast so much. i need to find a breakfast buffet around here. the banana and yogurt i have just dont' cut it. also a bloody mary would be nice too to start my day ;) or two or three...i've never had one before actually but they sound delicious


Now that's what I call a brunch buffet.

ed (from Yuma)

It's been years since I brunched there. Looks as good as ever. Now I am so hungry and it's 7 am in Yuma and that's just not fair.


I haven't been to PB Bar and Grill since my after-college-trying-to-be-cool days! That place use to be hustling and bustling at night time to the college kiddies.

The buffet looks really good! Made to order waffles? And did you say made to order omelettes too?! Was the Jose Benedict part of the buffet as well?

Thanks for the post - this might be a nice place to go for Sunday morning football.

(PS- how was the traffic around the time you ate?)


I had occasion to fly weekly in 2001 and tried every beverage which was free, cc. Bloody Mary Mix, Margarita Mix and hot tea with a glass of ice became my automatic beverage requests. The potatoes here are really good. I was being subtle...(;
Hi Sawyer! Find a buffet near you, don't wait for a Holiday when it will be more crowded (and expensive). The Bloody Mary here was very good.
This buffet has very good quality food, bill.
I think Bar Food doesn't get the credit it deserves, ed. We all liked it way back when...just with adult beverages. Now, one adult beverage, shared, is enough for me.
Hi Faye. Made to order waffles, pancakes, quesedillas, crepes and pancakes. Yes, the serving tray is half 'regular' Benedicts (with a good ham, also on a biscuit)and Jose on the other half. It is still hustling in the evenings with very young looking college kids. We go here for college football games which start at 9 a.m and so traffic and parking is good. When we leave at about noon, the streets and parking are packed.

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