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Tuesday, 02 November 2010



Hi Kirk, I'm so jealous.... Btw, I think what you had at Gene's & Jude's is sometimes called a "depression dog"... I read about it on serious eats. Man I just love joints like these. :)


everytime I see your posts on chicago dogs, makes me want one...*drool*


Would Nathans hot dog consider good stuff?


Hi Dennis - That's interesting.

Hi Kat - I do like how Chicago Dogs are set-up.

Not if you live in Chicago Bill. There it has to be Vienna Beef! ;o)


Recently, my baby brother went to Chicago for a weekend. I asked him to bring me back a Chicago dog. He thought I was crazy and didn't. Now I need to go to Chicago so I can go get some.

Green Turtle

Wow... $2.20 for dog and fries! That's so cheap, it'd be triple that amount at any of the Chicago dog places in SD.


Hi Kirbie - LOL.... I don't know what kind of shape that dog would be in by the time it hit San Diego!

Hi GT - All the dogs I've encountered were less than $'s a staple, and the competition is fierce. that probably keeps the pirce down.


I can't believe the price of the dog and fries! We need more Chicago dog places here to drive the price down. Love Vienna dogs


Yes we do Carol!


Hi Kirk, I agree with Carol! And I found out recently that you can order just the dog without fries at Lefty's for less.


Hi Dennis - I think the problem here is rent more than anything. As for Lefty's I still gotta do a post....but I just find that they don't put enough celery salt for my taste.


that's it, next time we go visit the inlaws in MN, I'm landing in Chicago cuz I have never been and the hotdog and beef sandwich posts are kiling me.


LOL FH - You'll be able to grab a bunch!

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