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Monday, 01 November 2010



pho would be perfect today, so windy!!


hi kirk,
i figured you'd get to this place - looks pretty good. too bad the steamed egg was a tiny portion though. bert, tc and i will have to try this place soon.


Hi Kirk, I hope things improve soon as well. I was pretty disappointed to say the truth. The filet mignon slices were great but the Pho was just not there. I thought the Saigon Wings were way under marinated. Can't touch Que Huong's by a long shot.


Kirk, maybe you should give them some in your face feedback. This place seems like it has potential "just cook it".
Looks good but the portion leaves me sad.


Age divide on my wife's side of the family. Older generation didn't like due to lack of flavor like you said, no fat, anise. Really hated paying per cup of tea LOL. Younger generation liked it. Will be back with there friends. I agree with you I like that rice dish with pork and the service was nice. Also great time to try there pho its buy one get one free


Hi Kat - I hope you keep everything bolted down!

Hi CC - The place has potential, and the service was really great.

Hi Dennis - I did have the wings, which I'm saving up for a future post. You've become quite a "wing-nut" like me, huh?

Hi Bill - This place has potential, but they just need to execute in the kitchen.

Hi Mike - I guess I know which side of the fence I fall on, huh? ;o) I did think the broth was very bland, in spite of looks. I think the buy one, get one free expired on 10/31, but could be wrong.


I just read Kirbie's post on this place. It's good to know what to expect, although I may put off a visit till after this next heat wave.


How funny we both posted on this place on the same day and that we were both there over the weekend. I actually had a ton of noodles in my pho; I couldn't even finish my noodles and BF was barely able to finish his. Also my noodles weren't mushy, in fact they were still a little raw and opaque when I got mine, but then they turned white after a few moments. I loved that they served the saw leaf herb.


For a moment, I kept reloading your page thinking I was stuck on Kirbie's page due to you both posting about Mignon Pho! Hahaha...silly me.


Hi Sandy - It's funny that both Kirbie and I visited during almost the same time.

Hi Kirbie - That kinda gives a hint on what might be some inconsistency. I'm surprised I didn't see you when I visited..... great minds must think alike! ;o)

Hi Rosa - LOL! Isn't that a funny coincidence???


That's awesome that you and Kirbie posted same place on same day.

That's unfortunate that you didn't like the Pho as much. I personally like the broth to be SCALDING hot. I don't understand how it can't be that way when they give you a side of raw meat :)

So will you be returning to this place for pho in future (considering all the other pho places in Convoy). Not sure if it's worth paying a bit more if they give you less food and the taste isn't all that special (in comparison w/ other pho restaurants)


matthew and i have been waiting for it to open and for your review. now we'll have to try it too =)


Hi Kirk,
Usually I don't eat pho because of its unique strong aroma and fragrance, but after hearing this place uses a clean tasting broth without MSG, I went to try it out with the B1G1 special. With where I am coming from, the broth was done pretty well and had good flavor. The regular bowl looked big but somehow I still felt hungry afterwards. Considering it's beef noodles soup, the Taiwanese NRM is more up my alley.


Hi Kirk, Howie and I tried it the other day but we really thought the broth was lacking in, well, it sounds pretentious, but lacking in complexity.
It was just, like, SALTY! SWEET! ANISE! BEEF! and that was it.

Am I overthinking this? I might be. :-)
We also had the egg rolls, and I thought the filling was tasty.

The Food Detective

I like ngo gai so much that I'm growing them right now in my back yard. I will give you some when I get a lot.

I can't believe how small the steamed egg is. I need to try this play with Ms. K soon.


Hi Faye - I probably will try it again in the future to see if things get better.

Hi Lynnea - Let me know how you and Matthew like the place.

Hi Jess - I'm glad you liked it..... I thought it was kinda weak for me.

Hi Jenne - It's so nice to hear from you..... I hope all is well! It's a pretty flat broth... too bad, because I've been looking forward to filet pho.

Hi TFD - Sounds great.... I want to make some Shado Beni sauce.


Yep, things are good. We need to plan another outing soon! Meanwhile, I'll see you at the beer dinner!


Hi Jenne - It'll be nice to see you! It seems like it's been such a long time.


I tried hitting up this place yesterday at 10 AM and found out that it wasn't open until 11 AM. I was way too hungry to wait and so headed up the street to Convoy Noodle House. I must say, they hit a home run with the tripe and tendon. So I wasn't disappointed, but I still want to try this place.


Hi Jan - I think Convoy Noodle House makes the best Pho in the area. Check this place out and let me know what you think.

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