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Thursday, 11 November 2010



It's always sad to see a restaurant you liked in decline. I had the same experience recently at a sushi bar I used to go to all the time.


curry is like this in Japan also, just sauce nothing else in there. I think it is good you re-connected with them, I think it just shows how your tastebuds change too.


Hi Kirk they seemed to be fairly busy during lunch when I visited a couple times recently. Anyhow I never cared for their curry here and the fact that they don't serve it with fukushinzuke pickles was always very upsetting to me (no joke it really upsets me, haha). I liked the menchi katsu though but thought it was on the smaller side. They have a few menu items from Umenoya now since the folks closed shop and are working here. I agree the servers are very nice and professional.


I was hoping to see some quality from Umenoya coming over to Ichiro since they started working there. But the pictures don't remind me of Umenoya


Hi CP - Yes, quite sad.... especially if the folks there are very nice.

Hi Kat - I may give them another shot....

Hi Dennis - For me, it was the use of bottled sauces that bothered me the most. I had heard the folks from come over here; but it's not very apparent, so maybe they don't work lunch.

Hi TFOJ - Maybe they don't work lunch? I did hear that they moved over here; but no one verified that for me. I'm hoping the menu & food changes for the better.... though Umenoya was never stellar, the food there was prepared decently, and the prices were good.


Hi Kirk: I love these kind of places. Too bad your post seems to indicate a little decline in quality. I like your description -- "Japanese American Diner". I think that describes these kinds of places accurately. And your liking of Wisteria brings back memories for me too. "Small kid time" my favorite place that my Mom and Dad used to take us to eat as a treat was the old Kuhio Grill in Moiliili. This was a typical but great Japanese American diner too. Across the street was another one that was good, but not as good as the Kuhio Grill - Paris Cafe, which turned into a bar after that and then drifted off and closed. Boy do I love these kind of places.


Hmm, I've never been here. I don't think I even recall seeing it. Friendly service can make such a difference. I've had so many places where the food is so-so, but the service is so nice, that I want to go back.


I remember my grams and I taking a bus to come here when I was little. For some reason, I'll never forget that. But I haven't been there in AGES. Kinda sad b/c there just seems to be 'better' options in Convoy. I've been wanting to visit them since I heard the owners of Umenoya are now working here. Do they work here or are they part owners?

I'm picky about my Ponzu sauces as well. It's hard to find THE perfect one you know? I wonder if it's easy to make.

Nice post!


Ichiro's is one of my favorite places on Convoy, you just have to be careful about what you order because some of their dishes are pretty bad. I never try to order anything too authentic there - I always stick with the americanized stuff like the Sesame Chicken, Tempura and Spicy Tuna Roll. The Sukiyaki Beef is pretty good as well although a little on the sweet side.


Ichiro is run by his ex-wife, and Ichiro actually now owns Susuya (yakiniku restaurant)on Kearny Villa Rd next to Okan.


Hi Alan - The food seemed a bit tired and old......

Hi Kirbie - The folks here are very nice and friendly.

Hi Faye - I don't quite know what the status of the folks from Umenoya are.

Hi Marlin - Actually, on my last visit five years ago I had the sesame chicken. And I recall it was pretty good. IMO I think the sukiyaki here is terrible though....

Hi Yes - If you read my post on Suzuya, I already went through that. That happened years ago. BTW, it's next to Oton, not Okan.

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