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Sunday, 21 November 2010



I am really enjoying this series of posts! Coincidentally, my mom is currently in Hangzhou with my grandma, and I'm curious to see if she visited any of the same places (although I guarantee that her photos won't be as good :))


Thanks for remembering me! That Westlake duck looks nothing like the dish that I'm thinking of at Cantonese restaurants. It's also not one of my favorite dishes.


The braised pork belly looks amazing Kirk! I forget the name of the prized Chinese pig with flaps of folded skin drooping like a bulldog. I hear it's supposed to be the best for it.


love these posts Kirk!


Must be living in the dark corner of Arizona, never heard of or seen mangosteen. I had to Google it to discover you only eat the white part. Google says it tastes like a peach.

Mmmmmm rice! Not so mmmmmm on the pork fat and rice combo, but then again I love tamales corn, pork fat, and shredded pork, so what do I know :0) !


Dang you ate all that FAT!!! Not sure I would but glad to know you're still kicking.

On a side note finally tried soba for the first time. Not sure why I wait so long to try it, love it. Thanks!



I do not always eat fruit, but when I do,I prefer Mangosteen!! That stuff is tasty my friend.


Thanks, great photos and post. I think you had the same reaction I did to the fish, damn that sauce is strong. Glad you had found a pork belly there that you liked. I've seen them come with a peking duck like bread as well, which made for a pretty good fatty pork sandwich.


the Dongpo Rou looks fantastic!!!


Hi Tofu Girl - Thanks for taking the time out to comment! I hope your Mother and Grandmother are having a great time.

Hi Sandy - I think there are several versions of "West Lake Duck".....

Hi Dennis - You're thinking of Tai Hu Pigs, right? They are native to the area.

I'm glad you're enjoying the posts Kay!

What, no pork fat AZ! You gotta be kidding! ;o)

Yes I did Bill.... and I still lost weight.

Hi Michael - The Missus was just totally addicted to them.

Hi Jason - Boy that sauce was just too much for me!

Hi Nate - It was much like Rafute; though wat richer.


That Dongpo Rou is called Tungpo Pork as I know it. Love it. It's braised for a couple hours, then steamed 2~4 hours more. You could cut it with a spoon. There was a restaurant here - Maple Garden - that made the best in Hawaii. Jokingly it was called "Beautiful Lady Rolling Bottom" by the owner Robert Hsu. You had to order it a day ahead. But Robert passed away and the place closed.


Hi Nate - I've had it a couple of places here on the mainland, but never back home. I used to go to Maple Garden once in a while, but never ordered that. I've been told and read that Dongpo Rou was the dish from which Buta Kakuni and Rafute originated.


Kirk - want some recipes I have? Write to me.

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