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Tuesday, 16 November 2010



I don't know where they're from, but I definitely want the first one. And the ramen. And the runny yolk. And the duck.


I second Vicki. Can we just get the answers?


Visiting here from Turkey
very nice site friend

Derek R

*facepalms* I was just about to post the rest of the restaurants I know and reread the post and say the part about EMAILING. Sorry Kirk! least I only gave away one!


The best way to start out my morning, drooling... Thanks a lot!


what a delicious giveaway...but sadly I don't know...every pic looks drool-worthy though...


LOL Vicki - I'm glad you enjoy the photos.

Hi Guest - You'll have to wait a bit.

Hi Lalique - I'm glad you enjoy the post.

Hi Derek - No worries, it always happens; sometimes a couple of times during posts like this.

Hi Bill - Man your up early! It's probably about time for breakfast, right?

Hi Kat - You know.... that loco moco is making me hungry.


Hmmm. The tonkotsu ramen. I guess santouka

For the fat pork dish last pic, I think feng-zheng rou


I could probably guess four of the dishes. But the fried rice in the styro box isn't fair! haha.. ;)


Hi Names - Nice try.... why didn't you email me with your guesses?

But Dennis, that's no ordinary fried rice! ;O)


Mwa ha ha -- cower before my google-fu! :)


LOL Hao..... stop gloating you fu!


lmao, i think that's hilarious you gave the worst a cup as well. maybe i shoulda tried then bc all the answers i had in my head were wrong lol


LOL Sawyer! You should have given the contest a shot then!


Hi Kirk, which Tan Ky was that first dish from?
I have strange memories of visiting The Noble Chef because I often do when I grab a quick dinner before heading back to work nights during particularly busy weeks (which is often the case with the Mitsuwa food court...). I enjoy their Singapore style noodles which is simple and comforting.
Ramen Yakyudori still does the limited tonkotsu during lunch, though they can skip it a day here and there for whatever reasons.


Hi Dennis - The Mira Mesa location of Tan Ky.


Dennis -- thanks for posting up photos of the menus! I figured out it was Tan Ky from the "eyebrows" comment, but didn't know the name of the dish...

I guess I owe you some coffee?

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