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Wednesday, 03 November 2010



you have been eating so well lately! but then you always do. honestly, i've never thought your posts were too wordy, but then maybe us english majors never think anything is too wordy =)


Hi Lynnea - Yes, I've been eating maybe too well!


I quite like your writing, keep up the delicious posts!


Trust me, your posts are not too wordy. I enjoy reading what you have to say as much as I enjoy seeing the pictures you post.


Hi I'm usually a lurker on your blog but I would just like you to know that I enjoy all of your post whether they be mostly pictures or words. You can't please everyone but as long as your happy with your posting it shouldn't matter.

PS. Everytime I read your post I get a craving for the subject at hand ie I've been eating/craving crazy amounts of pho and now I want dimsum =P lol


I don't think your posts are long-winded at all; you have some funny stories to tell. But pictures are always good, and I really want dim sum now. My morning yogurt is not a good substitute.


Thanks Kat!

Hi Stephen - Thanks. Looknig over my recent posts, I did notice that my word count had gone up a bit.

Hi Chyakura - Thanks so much for exiting lurkerville and commenting! I really appreciate it. I do enjoy posting, it's like therapy for me and helps me unwind. Thanks again for the kind words and for taking the time out to comment.

Hi Sandy - That's very nice, and I appreciate everyone's comments and emails. You need to give Sea Harbour another try; I think they've gotten better over the years.... and even have an 'A' rating now! Thansk again for reading!


Despite their poor grade at the time, we really liked Sea Harbour for dim sum. It's just that we had some business in the area a few years ago, which made it easy to visit. But I'm thinking that a road trip to SGV is necessary.


Hi Kirk, The FOY comment has brought me out of lurkdom too. I "savor" every word of your blog (even when Cathy or Ed post) and have for the past several years. Please do not change a thing. I have tried many places thanks to you and Cathy and Ed and enjoyed them all. Thank you, Barbara



For the places without a website can you take pictures of the menu? I'm always curious about what I can order that you don't cover.

Also I prefer the old days when you made comments about the stuff you ordered. If I just wanted to see pictures of food restaurant websites do a okay job of that.


I too never find your posts "too wordy." Keep up the good work!


Hey Kirk! I had to chuckle when I read verbose. The FOY is definitely not someone who's an FO-CAB. My guestimate is your picture to paragraph ratio is about 1:1 in most posts, maybe 1:2 on some. I'm more like 1:5 or higher sometimes. hehe

Man those dim sum dishes look good. The Durian pastry looks so pretty! Never seen that before.


Hi Sandy - I hope you have a chance to check them out again.

Hi Barbara - Thanks so much for commenting! I really don't intend on changing anything.... but I really got a kick out of that email. We really appreciate your kind words!

Hi Soo - I do take photos of the menu on occasion, but many times it doesn't come out or folks are hanging around waiting for me to order.... and I don't like drawing attnetion to myself.... I'm kinda funny that way.

Hi Kamisama - Thanks so much!

Hi Carol - You actually think in ratios?!? My goodness! Both Elite and Sea Harbour make a good durian pastry.


Now I want dim sum. And not just dim sum from anywhere; I want to try some of those unique looking offerings from Sea Harbor. I need to somehow squeeze a roadtrip in..


hi kirk - i don't feel that you are verbose at all. i like reading your posts and your stories. i kind of felt "empty" when SEEING (not READING) this post. :( more words!!!!

By the way, there's all kinds of diff't restaurants on State St, isn't there? I'm so glad that Bert and I took a side trip to Madison last year.

Did that Tibetan/Nepali place offer Yak momos?

The Food Detective

Verbose? Are you kidding me? It's too darn short. I think you should write more. Your posts always leave me with...What? That's it? Whomever e-mailed you probably doesn't like to read...probably doesn't understand some words here and there...Well, sometimes you had me running to the dictionary. I love your pictures though. Especially the durian pastry that PeterL snatched away. I want to go to this Dim Sum place soon.


Verbose? I don't think so. I check in daily just to read your posts, a perfect combination of visual and narrative. Just finished up a some beef, broccoli and shitake shrooms, and a bowl of rice, just the thing to eat while reading your blog.


We need more words on the post... =) such as, what is the 4th dish called at Ba Ren? It looks interesting.


Hi Kirk, I'd like to know the second Ba Ren dish myself... Always enjoyed the reading as much as the pics on mmm-yoso. :)


Hi Kirbie - Yes, you need to check out Sea Harbour and Elite.

Hi CC - LOL! No yak momos here. They have three Nepali/Himalayan restaurants on State Street, and a ton of choices..... no decent Chinese tho! ;o)

Hi TFD - Of course you would want more! ;o) You did have a chance of joining us for that meal......

Hi AZ - That sounds liek a nice meal.... thoguh knowing you, you should have mentioned that key bowl of rice first on that listing! ;o)

Hi Jess - It's the steamed fish with green onions.

Hi Dennis - Fish Flavored Eggplant.

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