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Sunday, 14 November 2010



everything looks so yummy! and I love the prices too!


That dessert with the crust of pistachios looks really good... I'd want to go just for that!


Kirk, sounds and looks good. I gotta drive further east on El Cajon Blvd. Looks like another good restaurant in the 'hood.
Thanks for the tip.


Hi Kat - we really enjoyed our meal.

Hi Mary - You know, I'm not a big dessert person, but I enjoyed that.

Hi Stephen - This one is closer to College, it's worth a drive.


Thanks for promoting places around El Cerrito. Will have to go there for sure.


I've been getting into Middle Eastern food lately too. What region is their food from, specifically? Is it Lebanese?


Thanks for posting the menus! I like seeing what else is available.


I'm here reading daily, but to lazy to comment. Everything looked delish, and I had to chuckle when you admitted you were so into eating that you forgot to take photos. I always urge friends to photograph what they eat, I think the eats is 50% of a good trip or vacation.


Hi CP - Yes, the food is basically Lebanese.

Hi Soo - This place is worth a visit.

Hi AZ - We were enjoying ourselves so much, that I actually forgot to take photos.... a very rare thing. ;o)


This looks wonderful! Maybe we should go here for the next FOY dinner?


PS the beer dinner was fantastic! Sorry we didn't have more time to chat.


Hi Jenne - That's what I was thinking..... it's a tiny shop, so we'll have to plan well.


Hey Kirk - So glad you like the place. The food is great and how can you miss when the owners truly want you to have a great experience. I too am addicted to the pickles. I found out they pickle them in beet juice. Tip on the falafel, they are perfect outside of the wrap. The owner made me try one on it's own with a bit of tahini...just great.

The dessert is to die for. I wasn't sure I would like it, but once I started eating it, I didn't want to share!

Keep up the great reviews!


Hi Christina - Thanks again for the recommendation. I'm craving those pickles....and want to try a bunch of other items on the menu! Your rec's are always on the money!


Thanks for the post. I gotta go by there, since its in the 'hood. It looks really yummy. BTW, I drove past the location where Mariscos German used to be, and its gone. Not surprised, since the quality had kinda gone down hill. Just an FYI.


Hi Stephen - Yes, please check out Alforon...I hope you enjoy the place. I noticed that MG wasn't there when I drove past last week too...but thought perhaps because it was a little late.

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