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Monday, 15 November 2010


Wendy Parcel

My first date with my husband was here. I love Albert's.


We had an excellent Thanksgiving Day buffet at this restaurant last year! We'd be there again this year, but alas, our membership has lapsed and we don't intend renewing it until next summer. But we all (me, my husband, 8-yo daughter, 11-yo son) really enjoyed the buffet, and recommend sitting out in the trees if possible.


Hi Cathy, shame on me I've been in SD for 10-years now and also live five minutes away from the Zoo but never visited.. I'll have to go soon!

ed (from Yuma)

Thanks for post. I didn't realize that Albert's was there. It reminds me that it has been many many years since I was at the zoo.


hi cathy, although i've never eaten at albert's, tc and i have eaten on their outside patio during her school field trips. nice views there.

like the "noodle"! :)


wow I would of never thought of that as a nice place for a decent meal. I assumed it to be like the rest of the park's over priced tourist grub


but that is pricey for a cobb


Welcome to the commenting side of our blog, Wendy and Alyson. I'm glad I could bring back some good memories for you! I saw the flyer about the Thanksgiving Buffet and it looks really good...a major contender.
You've never had visiting friends want to go to the Zoo, Dennis? It is such a fun place, even to just get a good workout walking.
Yes, Albert's has kind of been here a while ed. Although, each time we visit (maybe 3 times a year since 2007) something at the Zoo has been changed or added or built.
It is just a calm, peaceful and cool area, cc. Yes I shall forevermore use the noun noodle and not the "p" word. Long story.
Albert's has hosted some fancy meals with wine pairings and for special events, MikeW. There is also a separate meeting room area. which I am sure uses the same kitchen. It is *the* fancy place at the Zoo and not inexpensive. However, with our Diamond Club Membership this year, we received two 20% off meals coupons. So we did use one here. It was a different Zoo experience. The Cobb had a lot of meat in it, so was not unfairly priced, but not a deal. (My favorite -tasting and priced- Cobb is from Tender Greens)

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