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Saturday, 27 November 2010



looks decent for three dollars.


I miss Sam! Havent been to Sushi Yaro since my birthday which is a dang shame.


cheap eats! nice!


Nice, how was it?

 Jeff C

Thats an incredible deal.


Hi Lynnea - It is qutie a deal.

Hi Darwin - Well, now you've got a reason.

Hi KAt - It is indeed very cheap.

Hi Jason - Not bad.... I like the spicy pork anyway, and sometimes order that for lunch.

Hi Jeffrey - In these cash-strapped times, it is indeed qutie a deal.

Food Coma 911

Ohhhh...thanks for sharing! I'll check out their veggie curry :D


Hi Kirk, I remember Sam tweeting about it but didn't know it was still going on! Sounds like a crazy deal.


wow, $3! wish he was down here in cv! :)


i think that's pretty good....something you don't really see these days.

i def. miss sd. hope you and the rest of the yoso crew had an enjoyable thanksgiving!


Hi FC911 - Yes, check it out.... what have you got to lose? Three bucks? ;o)

Hi Dennis - Yeah, Sam decided to keep it going......

Hi CC - But you can get very cheap tacos down there!

Hi Sawyer - I hope you had a great Thanksgiving.


I saw the tweets about this special, but haven't had a chance to check it out. Glad to know it's still going on. Though once I'm there, I think I'll want all the other yummy stuff I experienced last time.


Hi Kirbie - Try Yaro early on Fri-Sat, it seems that Sam gets some really good stuff on those days.


wow. went to eat there and man, is it all good stuff...$3 lunch just means that we got to buy more other stuff. thanks for the post, Kirk.


Hi Didi - I'm glad you enjoyed the special.... it really is a bargain.

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