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Saturday, 30 October 2010


two foodies one journey

We recently went to one of their openings but unfortunately their burgers are just your low standard commodity beef burgers - tasteless and overcooked even after asking to do it medium rare. No big difference to other fastfood chains as McD, BK in terms of burger and meat quality. San Diego has mny much better burger options as Burger Lounge, Alchemy, Starlite, Urban Solace, Linkery etc.


Welcome to the commenting side of our blog, tfoj.I never go to an opening of any restaurant; too many things can go wrong.The burgers we have had at SB have been very juicy (I have a stained shirt to prove it; it wasn't sauce) and flavorful.I know the meat is seasoned on the grill and we were not asked how we wanted it cooked, but I had a few bites of it plain and it did have a good flavor.I didn't know commodity beef was sold fresh, never frozen, although I do know Angus beef is sold at McDonald's and must be frozen. {There are reasons I have not posted on some other burger places in San Diego and I would not compare the atmosphere or price point of any of those places you mention to Smashburger.}


Hi Cathy I enjoyed the (I think called) the San Diego Burger here. My visits were all at the La Jolla location. I really like the smash fries with olive oil. Gosh, do they smash the chicken too??


It appears they do smash the chicken, Dennis. But it is not dried out when grilled nor greasy when made 'crispy'. I haven't been to La Jolla since forever. Oh wait...Bristol Farms. Yes I have.

Food detective

Wow! Looks so yummy especially the burger with the egg. Anything with fried eggs are good!!'


I love burgers with fried eggs, FD. Used to get it that way when I was in University... See the bottom of this post.

ed (from Yuma)

OK - now I understand the Smashburger hype. Those look a long way from Booger King or even Fatburger. Sometimes ya just gotta eat chain.

two foodies one journey

Cathy - Commodity beef can also be sold fresh without being frozen. Smashburger gets theirs from a source in Chicago which is no different than beef at McD etc. The quality of the beef is simply like your average fastfood chain. Smashburger adds some interesting other stuff like shakes, salads etc. but for us a burger chain is mainly about the burger which we found surprisingly disappointing for the hype.


i'll have to try that place next time we're up there...that's a strip mall i hardly go to - parking is awful at times. the last time i went there, they had clothestime there! (d'oh!)


wow, I've never heard of smashburger, love the menu, especially the fried stuff... fried veg stix and fried pickles! I hope they open a place up north.


Hey Cathy - Personally, if someone put two well prepared beef patties in front of me, the same 80/20 ratio, and I consumed them. I don't think I could tell which one was commodity beef... unless it was grass fed versus corn fed. Even corn finished would be hard to tell. One thing is right, no matter how good the beef is, if you cook it to death, it's what we've had twice at Burger Lounge, who told us that "our policy is that our burgers are always cooked to medium rare" and proceeded to cook the daylights out of it.


I'm glad I could help you understand, ed. Eating here made me find -and fill- a craving. (Never heard BK called that before and am still giggling...)
Hi again, tfoj. Really? You ask where the beef is sourced for $6 burgers? That's something I never would consider doing at a place with the menu on the wall. I eat and blog about the experience. I'm sorry you don't like the burgers here. As you said, there are alternatives.
Hey there, cc. Yes, it was a Clothestime! I do tend to just go straight under to that parking area and don't even bother trying to find a place on the top level. Then the car is cool when we leave.
It is a different kind of chain, fh. The limited menu still gives a plethora of possibilities. The sides are unique (and good) for a fast-food-ish place.
You're right, Kirk. If I had a side by side, I would like one more than the other. (Maybe the commodity beef would lose, but maybe not; we all have preferences). As a plate of food in front of me, the meat to bun ratio was just right and the(unusual for me) multiple toppings were fresh and complimentary. I do enjoy medium rare though...


I might have to try this place now Cathy.
The sides alone makes me want to check it out, but here is SA there is plenty of smashed patty joints like steaks and shakes and freddy's. I'll just have to see how this place stacks up.


Do try it for yourself, bill. We were not expecting much and were pleasantly surprised. Maybe some of those places smash the patty because you can watch them making the food. Kind of like sitting at the counter and watching a sort order cook...


I've gotten several of SB's promos but just never had the time to try them out. I'll have to pop in the next time I'm close to one (most likely the one in La Jolla).

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