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Friday, 22 October 2010



Well, if you want to go for three strikes, check out the new pho place in the Vien Hung grocery store. I'd wager it is worse. The broth was insipid and the cuts of meat were thick. In fact, some were almost stew cuts (rectangular). And the cash only sign was not obvious (should have been on the door), which caused a panicked run across the lot to the gas station.

To be fair, my wife had the banh cuon(sp?) - rice noodle rolls - were decent. But I think they offered pho because they thought they had to.


Hmmm ... three more places to avoid for pho (two from Kirk, one from Jan).

The restaurant on Kearny Villa Rd/Clairemont Mesa/163 doesn't look like it will be opening soon. In fact, it's hard to tell if the remodelling has made any progress.


OMG, I can't believe those pho pictures from SI! I've never seen pho like that. I haven't been back to SI since shortly after it opened. I haven't had much luck in general with restaurants on Miramar road.


That's unfortunate with the pho :(


Hi Jan - I've yet to check that palce out, though some friends of mine told me not to waste my time.... still, I'll get there sooner or later.

Hi Sandy - Those two places really aren't very good IMO.

Hi Kirbie - It was disturbingly dark and scummy..... not very good eats.

Hi Liz - Yes, very unfortunate....


That is one ominous-looking bowl of pho.


You're right about this place being a steam table fast food. It was a Chinese take out place in years past that actually got decent reviews on the likes of Yelp and other. I hated it so much.

The real treasure of this strip mall is the Chicago dog place.
Viva Chicago. They've got Italian Beefs and Vienna products. Better than (the now defunct) Chicago on a bun.


That's horrible Kirk swing by my place and I'll make sure you have a bowl of Pho to remember for a life time; it could even be worst than the shop ;-) LOL


Hi Kirk, aside from the dark soup the meats look like what I had at Pho Point Loma.. Anyway I was wondering if you thought the small soup they give you with com tam dishes could be a good indicator of what the Pho might taste like? Curious what you thought. Anyway I had a com tam plate here and it was decent. The side soup was suuper salty though!


bad pho, not good :(


Wow. Just wow on that bowl of Pho! Some new pho place on Convoy opened up called Mignon Pho + Grill, Ive yet to try it but the name seems promising. Filet Mignon in Pho!?

Food detective

WOW. What were they thinking? Would they eat dark and scummy pho?
I don't know why but my friends often ask me to go eat at these places and supposedly good and cheap. Yuck!
Strike one for bun bo if you want to try, Song Huong. I think the have another one in Miramar. Could be in the same are as SI.


Hi SK - Yes it is.....

Hi Whammy - Are they still there? I thought they had been replaced with something else the last time I was around. Anyway, I wasn't too impressed with Viva Chicago Dogs..... stale roll, not enough celery salt, dog had no "snap".

Hi Billy - You better watch out.... I may just take you up on that! ;o)

Hi Dennis - Not really, because most of the time it's a pork based soup.

Not good at all Kat.

Hi Darwin - I haven't tried Mignon yet. I have had filet mignon Pho.... which is the reason I don't do rare steak in San Diego....

Hi FD (TC?) - That was pretty horrid stuff.


I had Pho at Song Huong today, it was pretty decent, clear both, nice, tender meat, perfect cooked noodles, and they have filet mignon for additional $.50, not bad. I guess they have different cooks now. I heard ppl say they fired the chef bcuz the pho was bad or something, but my wife always had Banh Cuon Dac biet here, and she loved it.


Hi Joe - Thanks for the heads up...... I've got to make it up there soon. Just a quick question; have you ever eaten at the original Song Huong on CB?


Hi Kirk,

I thought they're not related because the menu is different, but I always had coffee and sandwich at the ECB location, and once in awhile, i take my wife and kids there for banh xeo, vietnamese crepes, it smells good with coconut cream flavor and really crispy. Have you tried it? Now that I mention it, we may go there for banh xeo tonight. Care to join? *smile*
Hey, I read many of your posts and seems like you know every restaurant in San Diego, yeah?


Hi Joe - Actually they are related.... I'll make sure to check things out soon.

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