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Sunday, 24 October 2010



Just went this morning. Had this omelet over bagel concoction that was really, really good. Also, the coffee is spectacular. This has been our favorite East County breakfast spot since we moved to La Mesa a year and a half ago. Glad to see it get some props. Apparently, the owners also run Swami's on La Mesa Blvd. Swami's is good, but still seems to be having growing pains.


Is this the same shopping center where Chopsticks Inn is located?


Hi Xpadrex, and welcome to our blog. Glad to know one of the many 'regulars' LMB&B has. The food is so good here, isn't it? I didn't realize Swami's was the same owners, had gone there when they had the same ordering system (walk up and pay) but since they changed it, it does not seem to work...
James! you got it, the schizophrenic Chopsticks Inn ("Sushi, Dim Sum, Thai Food") which caters to the undecided who want to eat 'some sort of Asian food' is in the corner, LMB&B is on the back edge, by the side street.

the diligent diletante

i always wondered about this place.... will have to drag someone here with me for brunch! that bread looks yummy =P


I'm glad you know where it is, dd! Do stop by. They are excellent bakers. The lunch menu is pretty extensive with soups, salads, hot and cold sandwiches and wraps as well as burgers and a few vegetarian dishes. It is old fashioned in a good way.


Those strawberry waffles look really good. There are a couple of places like this in Poway but they are just so-so.


The hole in the wall places, where all the locals meet up, are the best, Carol. Finding those places is the fun part.


I live close to here, so i'll give it a shot.


Mmmm, this has been one of our fav places since it opened. I've gotten Lobster Benedict a couple of times and it is wonderful! We've never gotten anything for breakfast or lunch that wasn't prepared excellently. And their coffees--so many to choose from for such a good price! And all delicious. We'll keep going back!


Hello and welcome to the commenting side of our blog, marylou! I do love Benedicts of all kinds, but haven't tried the lobster one here...but I will, very soon. Thanks for the tip. Oh-I do love the ability to choose a fresh cup of coffee from somewhere 'new' in the world each time I drop in.

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