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Wednesday, 13 October 2010



very nice photos of the lake/views! beautiful and peaceful.

also loved your comments about that guy's clothes!!!! so true!

mmm-yoso - fashion police!


Sometimes in fashion there's a fine line between being a genius ahead your time or simply weird. You never know, haha. ;)
Man that pork belly looked like it could be dessert! And I got a hint that there's another coming? :)


too bad about the food, the views from the lake were beautiful, minus the fashion faux pas!


No West Lake soup or West Lake duck? I've never thought about the origins of these two dishes, which seem to be standards on a Cantonese menu. The views of the lake are pretty.

Love the fashion police commentary!


Hi CC - Coming up soon..... fashion reviews by the mmm-yoso team? That'll be the day... ;o)

Hi Dennis - Yeah, I needed to try that dish one more time.

Hi Kat - It's a beautiful area, with a lot (maybe too much) to see.

Hi Sandy - No West Lake Duck..... that's a Cantonese dish, though you could probably get it at a Cantonese restaurant in Hangzhou. As for the soup, I think it's West Lake Water Shield Soup - Xihu Cuncai Tang, that you're referring to - water shield with ham and chicken that places call West Lake Soup. It was too hot for soup on this day!


very nice post! and great photos. i have to agree with above commenters, the fashion mistakes list is pretty funny and so true.

Jeff C

The lake area is one which I would most like to visit. I had heard Lou Wai Lou was overrated and that most people only go for the view.
The jiu niang looked great. I especially liked that they used what looks like dried osmanthus blossoms to scent the soup. It might have even been sweetened with osmanthus scented honey. It looks like they also used goji berries or dragon eyes, too.


LOL! Fashion Police!

Wow...multi-story restaurants!


We ate at one of the restaurants along the lake (also a really large multistory restaurant, they must like large restaurants there) and had the roast pork belly too. I enjoyed it, it was sweet but it was a nice sweet and salty combination. Plus if you dumped the greasy sauce onto your rice, it tasted great. Had the west lake fish too, didn't like it very much though.


Hi Lynnea - That guy would really stand out around here!

Hi Jeffrey - It does seem that everyone always mentioned Lou Wai Lou.

Hi Rosa - Most of these huge restaurants are multi-story, and tend to have the same set-up.

Hi Jason - In terms of set-up Zhiweiguan was pretty typical of those huge restaurants. I really wasn't impressed by the Dong Po Rou there.


I have it on pretty good authority (friend in HK) that apparently that style of man bag (really just like a woman's bag) is popular in Hong Kong. So perhaps it's his own bag he's carrying!


Hi Su-Lin - That's why I called it crimes against Western fashion/mores! ;o)

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