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Sunday, 03 October 2010



fun post! i'm looking forward to the continuing post =)


If you couldn't eat stinky tofu I definitely wouldn't be able to...looking forward to your upcoming posts.


Awesome, I actually just came back from Shanghai where we visited Hangzhou and Westlake. I'm very curious to see if my experience matched yours.

Nate @ House of Annie

I really have to commend you for braving China without a plan. At least you can speak Mandarin! I'd never attempt it. Give me the full tourist treatment! ;-)


Thanks Lynnea!

Hi Kat - I think that was the stinkiest, smelly tofu I've ever encountered.

Hi Jason - Hopefully, I can get these done at a bit of a quicker pace.

Hi Nate - The Missus is the Mandarin speaker, and if you can manage Mandarin you'll do fine.


Ew ew ew. Don't think I'll ever have chou dofu again. I haven't had it since I was 4 or 5 and was a guilty pleasure treat my Grams and I used to eat when my Grandfather would be at work. But uh, he always knew when we had some. Must have been psychic or something. ;-)


Or something, Carol.... or something, perhaps in the air? he-he-he.....


Haha, no problem Kirk, take your time! Your blog is like a fine wine (or like some of the aged tea we bought in Shanghai), never rush it! Did you watch the water show on the lake?


Hi Jason - Thanks for the kind words. You know, we never saw the light show...... it seemed a bit too touristy for us.


I'm so curious about stinky tofu.


And you would be correct, it wasn't that great. The choreography was decent but the dancers had terrible synchronization (reminded me of my high school marching band) and the story was weird. It was neat that it looked liked they were dancing on water, but the novelty wore off pretty quickly.


Hi Billy - You should get some on your next trip to SoCal!

Hi Jason - We kinda figured that would be the case!


Oh no, I just could not deal with the smell of stinky tofu while I was in Beijing.... it must be something you have to grow up with!


Hi Su-Lin - I'm usually ok with Chou Dofu.... it's just that this one was especially bad!

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