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Tuesday, 19 October 2010



Kirk: Again, I enjoy your posts! My wife and I are also Asian foodies and that is all kinds of Asian foods. But regarding the Vietnamese dishes, I am only familiar with a few by name. Is there a website or something where I can print-out the typical Vietnamese dishes, including all the Pho variations with the English translations?


That Banh Canh Tom Cua looks so great - nice and simple!


Can't wait for it to get colder to start making my soups.
Bun Rieu
Hot and Sour soup
Hieu thieu - but some how always turn into wonton soup
curry udon
Yes, not being in SoCal I had to learn how to make some of these food.


...for the wife.


Hi Alan - Wow, that's a great question..... I've really just learned thru exposure. I'm sure that Wikipedia might be a good start:

Hi Nate - Yes, simple and the perfect thing for a rainy day.

Hi Bill - You are such a great guy!


This looks perfect for the chilly rainy weather that has hit us in SD :)


sounds perfect for autumn :)


I'm real old ABC. I remember when it actually sold chow mein chop suey. I think, either relatives or family friends actually owned it way back when.


Hi Liz - Yes, it was nice and comforting.

Hi Kat - Perfect!

Hi MikeW - That's interesting; I was wondering about the history since folks had mentioned that the shop itself has been around forever. They still have chow mein and chop suey on the menu..... not sure how good it is though! Thanks for taking the time out to comment.

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