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Thursday, 28 October 2010



Great to know that this place can sub in for Wholesome Choice when the craving arrives. I always feel so special when I get a bit of rice crust with my serving.


Hi Darlene! As far as steam table food and fresh bread goes, Balboa International is more like Wholesome Choice. As far as the grocery shopping, Vine Ripe is closer to WC. We just need our own Wholesome Choice.


Cathy, you are a mind reader. I just caught a glimpse of the sign yesterday while driving on Balboa, mostly because I never realized there was a building behind the See's Candy buildings. I was going to follow up on it, but I got side-tracked. I can't wait to go check out the market and the food.


hi cathy - cool, another place to try when we're up in that area! by the way, i finally went to leocynn's lumpia (i blogged it) - pretty good i must say!


Actually, there were buildings back there before, Sandy. Parsian (now across from Expo/Costco Business Center, on Convoy) had its first location back there. It isn't huge, but it is enough, especially with fresh, hot sangak!. (If I could read minds, I'd play the Lottery. One time.)

Love Leocynn's. I suppose I can do another post, cc! Time flies...

ed (from Yuma)

Great find. Looks real tasty!


I knew they were doing construction back there when I went to that See's for my Irish Potato in March, ed. Then I forgot. We were really happy to see the fresh bread and ovens.


Gosh, what a fantastic market! Now I'm craving Persian food... I adore the grilled tomatoes they always include with kebabs.


Hi Su-Lin! The first I ever had grilled tomatoes was at a hotel (which seemed to cater to German tourists) at Elephant and Cross on Wimbeldon Fortnight. Decades ago. I have loved -and craved-grilled tomatoes ever since.


I think I was in there the same day as you, I managed to get that bread too, so good! I took it home to serve with a curry and it was just delicious, reminiscent of the table nan that we used to get when I lived in the uk!


I really do like fresh bread, too, Jenny. Isn't it a nice store? So convenient.

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