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Tuesday, 26 October 2010



I tried this place during the summer, and I had the same conclusion: not bad, but not great. I'm trying to remember what I ordered, so I guess it wasn't very memorable.


That's unfortunate about A Cafe. I wanted to give it a try the other day but then opted for Shabu House. The fried rice dish there looks comparable to the Tea Garden's fried rice dishes. Have you been to Tea Garden - I was telling Kirbie they seem to have the best Asian fast food items for now.

But man, those fried donut thingies look amazing from the boba place! Is that a new item or something? I thought they only had fried tofu and chicken there. They look like Asian beignets!

Nice post :)


The steak dish at A Cafe is very good they use rib eye.
The former owner of Dede's is now the owner of A Cafe.


Well Sandy, at least we don't have bad memories. Those are the most difficult to forget.
Thanks, Faye. I will try Tea Garden-always park in front. I corrected the post; the donut thingys were more baked and not fried, but also not cake-y...kind of healthy...but the whipped cream and frosting dipping sauce makes up for that. Those have always been on the menu, but I usually don't order sweets. Thanks for the tip, Lori. I don't want to write off A. Maybe I will try a juice drink next time.

The Food Detective

I tried the boba. It was just O. K. too. It always look to empty when I poke my head in.

That strip mall has the worse college students parkers ever.


It reminds me of a Hong Kong Denny's. Hong Kong style comfort food like wonton noodle soup,or fried rice but then they also have spaghetti, and macaronni soup with spam. And can't forget the Horlick.

But damn adding another restaurant is sure going to make parking a lot more fun


The dishes look good and at least the noodles weren't all clumpy. I've passed by this place several times and always thought what an odd name. It makes me think of Fonzie. (how many people have their thumbs up right now??) hehe


I've passed by A Cafe so many times on my frequent trips to Convoy meaning to try it out. Thanks for posting!


That food looks delicious!



Hi TFD! I am going to give it another shot and try some sort of 'fancy' beverage. I've never seen it packed, but also never completely empty. I need to make a different entree choice.
Exactly, MikeW-It is comfort food. I think the fact that almost every establishment is a restaurant with large seating capicity doesn't help the parking lot situation.
Hahaha Carol. I did the thumbs thing before reading your whole comment. It isn't bad here. I need to find a reason I want to go back.
I drive in circles and don't plan much, Liz. I love discovering new places. If you can find a place to park, you can be like me.
Welcome to our blog, Mike.

Mr Allencng

Anyone know if they have the Hong Kong style baked pork chop with tomato sauce over fried rice? I've been looking all over San Diego for it!


There is a baked pork chop over rice or pasta on the menu, Mr A, for $7.99. Since the menu states "Hong Kong Specialize", it should be tomato sauce, but I have never ordered it here. Welcome to the comment side of our blog.


I am absolutely in love with A Cafe's fried shrimp roll appetizer!

It's deceptively simple, just shrimp, a sliver red bell pepper, some greens (yu choy?), and cilantro rolled up in an egg roll wrap and fried to crunchy perfection.

Take a bite of that then a bite of the pickled carrot that comes with it and you'll see what I mean...just eye-rollingly good.


That does sound good, SteveC. I'll be sure to try it next time. Welcome to the commenting side of our blog.

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