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Monday, 27 September 2010



ALWAYS eat your pastry first! What a breakfast! What a birthday!! NORMALLY, I would be a jealous. But I have some good news myself today. I've sourced some cow fresh milk and I'm gonna make my own cheese! Maybe you can talk Kirk into coming out and all four of you can spend next year here! ;o)

ed (from Yuma)

Never been there, but I gotta get there soon. I love licorice. and sausage. and meat. and beer. and wine. and . . .

Great post - happy birthdays!


Nice. I've only been there for lunch. Breakfast sounds great. I'm craving head cheese now.


Hey Cathy - A most hearty.... albiet Happy Birthday to the both of you!


I only went here once when I used to work in Carlsbad a long time ago. I don't even remember what I got - but kudos for eating pastries first! And happy birthday!


I love reading your birthday post meals! Happy birthday!


Happy Belated Birthday Cathy! I think ours is the same day or a few days apart.. Anyhow hope to make it my way to Tip Top Meats soon. Have you been to Iowa Meat Farms? Another I need to check out one day.. Thanks for sharing your meal experiences as always. Cheers


Hi Jo! I can't wait to hear about how the cheese worked out. I'd love to try some.
Hey, ed. I hit almost all of your cravings just from those photos! That is why we get along. Tip Top is a great resource. Next time you are in the area...Thanks for the wishes. It was a week...
It is a wonderful head cheese, JF. $5/lb. They make a "Big John" breakfast- two eggs, potatoes, toast and all you can eat meats (bacon, brat, Polish and ham) $7. Really.
Thanks, Kirk.
Considering I don'tcrave sweets, Mary, this is the perfect exception. The food is always good here.
Thank you, Kirbie. More to come. We ate out a lot.
Thank you also, Dennis. I do go to IMF- it is closer to my home than Seisels, which has the same owner. I can get to IMF without going on the freeway (Mission Gorge Road starts about there and goes right into Santee). Both of them, Tip Top and Major Market are my go-to sources for meats and sausages, although the new Albertson's on Genessee, Bristol Farms and Costco carry Prime cuts also.


A late happy birthday to you and the Mister!! Looks like another great place for breakfast.


Happy birthday! May you guys always find good eats.

I moved up north (about 15 miles away from Tip Top) but the weird thing is I haven't back there since I moved. I love all their chocolate and all the European snacks. I always see a long line in the morning whenever I'm there. It must be that good, huh? Did you see those huge bones that they have? Do people make stew or Pho out of those?


Thanks for the birthday wishes, Carol. I am(finally) noticing I really do enjoy breakfast, every day...Definitely a morning person.
Thanks so much, Tammy! The beef stew ($5.98) and the Large Dinner Salad ($4.98) are not what you would expect. (better in so many ways.) The first time we came here, the prime rib dinner was $4. We noticed the line and got into it. -Hunk o'meat and a rib and all the sides- Same stuff, now $10. Still a great deal with great food. Now they also have just a rib meal. There is plenty of meat on the ribs, well done and you can take the bones home for soup. I have... The breakfasts are wonderful. There is a line for a reason.

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