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Thursday, 02 September 2010



Hi Kirk, I'm curious what transformation DeDe's is going through at the moment.. Anyhow I've only had Spicy House's Mapo Dofu and I thought it was pretty good. I'll probably stick to that dish for now.


Second time didn't seem so appetizing.


maybe just the lamb dishes are the ones to stick to.


Hi Dennis - I'm curious about that as well. An aquantiance of mine ate there earleir this week and told me the food was different.

Hi Billy - No it wasn't.

Hi Lynnea - THere was a duck with dried string bean dish that was pretty good on our first visit as well.


I still haven't had a chance to come here yet. I think the sign makes it even more confusing, I saw it last time. It's like giving the restaurant three names.


LOL Kirbie! Maybe they should call it "Dede's Shanghai Spicy Spicy City House". ;o)


I tried a few noodle dishes there after the change. Pretty disappointed overall. I thought everything lacked flavor. I'm in no hurry to give them another shot.


Hi Kamisama - Even when it was Shanghai City, many of the dishes were not very good. The only dish I really enjoyed there was the NRM.


hi kirk!
we really liked Shanghai City for the handful of favorite items we would get there so we were hesitant to try Spicy House. but this week we finally decided to just try it. we got a take-out order (thanks to dennis for posting the entire menu! we didn't get anything too adventurous but it was all pretty good (onion pan cake, salt and pepper fish, walnut shrimp, bok choy, mapo tofu, and rice) and much less expensive than SC used to be for a similar-sized order. oh and the main reason for my comment is that when i was picking up the food i asked if they had xiao long bao and niu rou mein (some of our old favs from SC) and they said YES! i guess i missed those when skimming the menu but will have to try those next time. by the way, i totally agree with kirbie's comment about the Spicy City #2 sign not making things any clearer. although that's a good description for the type of future bathroom visit that one may have as a result of eating the yummy mapo tofu (haha! okay, kind of inappropriate but i couldn't resist). =D i don't usually have time to comment but your blog is still one of my favorite food/travel blogs and i read it all the time and even depend on it for useful info. if there's a new place on convoy that we're wondering about i always remind myself to check your blog to see if you've mentioned it (9 times out of 10 you have!). thanks for having an awesome blog! =)


oops. just checked that menu link and it's not working. let's try that again...


oh dear. the menu link now works but i JUST saw this on the side where dennis says "...while you can download these to your computer for convenience, I ask that you do not use or post it elsewhere without permission..." i'm such a ding-dong for not noticing that first. okay i'm going to email dennis for permission even though it's after the fact. totally understand if asked to take down the link though - uh, i guess YOU would have to take it down, huh? oh dear... =(


Hi Dancing don't worry about it.. :)
Hi Kirk have you heard/been to the new dede's yet? Cheers


Hey Dancing - Somehow, I knew Dennis would be ok with the link. Thanks for taking the time out to comment!

Hey Dennis - I haven't heard very good things about the "new: Dede's. We'll be trying it something this upcoming week.

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