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Monday, 13 September 2010


Bbq Dude

We've been focusing on Blind Lady Ale House for pizza. Great toppings, and even better beer. We haven't yet tried Bruno, but from what you and everyone on Chowhound are saying, we should go there soon...


Hey Kirk!
Ive been on a pizza kick lately and have been loving Pizzeria Luigi. Definitely going to have to stop by Bruno's now. The pictures are enough to get me to try it!


those photos have me craving pizza!!


Hi Kirk, I get gas right across the street from Bruno and always wondered how the place was. Looks good!


Yum pizza for breakfast.


Thanks for the report! I've heard good things about this place, so it was great to see some pictures of the pies.


Haven't had pizza in a while but these photos might just inspire me to visit Bruno's


I'm so picky about pizza crust - the crust at Bruno's looks really awesome! I'm going to have to put it on my "to-visit" list.

Jeff C

800 degrees and flour and water, what amazing things come from those things. PHX got Pizzeria Bianco which I have yet to try but this place will be on my list when I get to SD.


BBQ Dude - Say hello to Andy at BLAH!

Hi Darwin - Bruno is a totally different animal from Luigi, so check them out.

Hi Kat - I'm glad you enjoyed the photos!

Hi Dennis - If you like Neapolitan Pizza, you'll enjoy this place.

It's the breakfast of champions Bill!

Hi Mike - When the pizza was good, it was very good indeed!

Hi Liz - We're really not pizza people, but the Missus loves Bruno's.

Hi Mary - Check them out!

Hi Jeff - You know, I've actually heard about Pizzeria Bianco!


Those look like great pizzas... And I'm totally a pizza fiend though not as much as Husband.


Hi Rosa - Check them out when you're in town next. I believe they are open for lunch only Fri-Sun.


Matthew and I just noticed this place the other day, thanks for all the recommendations! looks outstanding.


Hi Lynnea - When they are on.... the pizzas are quite delicious.

Christine @ Tea for Two Sisters

That Marinara pizza reminds me of Margherita pizzas that I've had. Is it bad that I'm drooling?


Hi Christine - They also have Pizza Margherita here as well. We've found the simpler the better.

Christine @ Tea for Two Sisters

Hi KirkK, I agree that the simpler the pizza, the better it is - but only when you order it from a place that makes a good pie to begin with. I used to love loading on toppings, but once I tried the simple Margherita pizza at Librettos (Toronto), I was forever changed. Hahaa! I brought Lucy and she loved it as well. We wrote about it, if you were curious. Anyway, congrats on 5 years!!


Hi Christine - Yes, a great pizza can change your view on pizza.... and life! ;o)


Thanks for this! Made the trip from Del Mar on Saturday to Brunos and it was worth it. Had one of the best Margherita pizzas ever and a very nice antipasto to start. A very cold and tasty Hofbrau was on tap. Nice!

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