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Monday, 20 September 2010



Great Pho coverage as usual Kirk! The inedible bit at your first stop reminded me of what I had at Pho Point Loma. But I've been reading a lot of positive stuff since so maybe they've improved and worth another visit. I'm still waiting for a shop named Pho I-5 or Pho 805 after our local freeways though. ;)


guahan, definitely guambats in the house. hope you let us know what it's like!


Hey Dennis - How about Pho Via De Valle!!! ;o) It always marks when I'm getting close to home after a long drive from LA.

Hi Santos - Now I'll have to try the place out! ;o)


hope the other places pan out.


I wonder how these places last. Pho has a few simple ingredient but combine well makes one hell of a soup.
I need to cook me a big pot of pho.


Hi Kat - I think I'll drive back up here to try that Guamanian place.

Hi Bill - I think it's all about lowering costs and profit margins.


I'm floored that there are 3 pho shops in Oceanside! Are you planning to give that third place a try?


In the vicinity is Lucky Pho in Vista (next to Stater Bros on Sycamore). I used to get pretty decent bowls there when I worked a block from there. I'm not sure if they are affiliated with your fav place.

Also, the Filipino restaurant in Vien Hung has been replaced (yet again) by a new pho place. I haven't had a chance to visit yet though.


I live in North County and love Vietnamese food! Thanks for the info on the 3rd restaurant. I completely agree with your review of Mr. Pho and I Love Pho. We tried I Love Pho twice and vow never to go back each time. However, it is the closest pho restaurant to Carlsbad and my kids love pho so we went back a 2nd time. We have been going to Mr. Pho for a few years now. It gets the job done until we can get to Convoy!!


The last time I was at Mr. Pho (maybe 6 months ago?), ngo gai was standard on the herb plate. Wonder what happened?

Green Turtle

I'm still eagerly awaiting the Pho place to open up on Kearny Villa Rd & Clairemont Mesa. They seem to be taking their sweet little time in getting it ready.


Hi Sandy - I may give Yummy Pho a try if I'm ever in the area.

Hi Jan - I think I mentioned earlier that I believe that new shop is owned by the same folks as Song Huong on ECB.

Hi Lauren - I thought Mr Pho was the better of the two bowls. BTW, personally I think Pho is much better on Mira Mesa Blvd than it is in the Convoy area.

Hi Vicki - I dunno..... maybe they didn't have any that day?

Hi GT - That place is taking a very long time to open, isn't it? Personally, I'm curious to check out Pho Mignon on Convoy.....


Would you say these places were pho-gettable? :D

In the 5 years that I lived in Oceanside, I never had Vietnamese there though there was one place on the corner of Oceanside Blvd and El Camino Real I'd drive by. Oceanside never struck me as an area that'd have a good pho restaurant.


wow, I didn't even know they had pho places in oceanside, nice to know they are there though.


Well said Rosa!

Hi Lynnea - Those Pho shops are opening everywhere!


wow, drivin out to oceanside, that's dedication right there. i woudln't mind a bowl of pho myself right now...


Hi Sawyer - Man it's hot as heck.... and you'll still for a bowl of Pho! You're hardcore! ;o)


Anyone wants a good bowl of Pho...try the pho shop in Chula Vista on the corner of Telegraph Road and Eastlake Pkwy....the best broth, not oily, and nice condiments. I eat there every Saturday with my autistic son...they are so kind to him. Anyway, yummy!!


Hi kirk,

This is DavidD and I just now see you got around to oceanside so thanks! I love pho should just be forgotten and wished you never went there . If you ever make it back out up here for Yummy pho, there's another place, a rather new place just about 4 miles away on Melrose and the 78 called Pho-ever that serves filet mignon beef. The yelp reviews are good and everytime I pass there it's packed.


Hi David - I do try...though I could never find that place in Garden Grove that made the roast duck you told me about! I can't believe it took you over a year to find this post, how funny!

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