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Saturday, 18 September 2010



Instead of roasting large tomatoes, you might want to try roasting baby tomatoes. I can fit a nice tray full in just the toaster oven and they work great for salads. Trader Joe's even has baby Heirloom ones if you prefer more interesting colors.


Hi Hao - Actually roasting slices on the grill work out well. This year, the stuff we buy at the Fruit Stand has been pretty god for the price. I think it's a waste to roast heirlooms. I have roasted cherry and grape tomatoes in the oven in large batches before. Plus, large slices look good with a wedge!


everything looks and sounds great!


A perfect meal for The Mister's birthday! It is so easy to roast vegetables but I've never saved them for sandwiches, they never lasted for sandwiches later...

Nate@House of Annie

I'm not a big fan of iceberg lettuce, but bleu cheese dressing and bacon bits would pique my interest. Oh, and that beautiful, thick-cut pork chop looks divine! I haven't had a good pork chop since moving to Malaysia.


I don't think there's a better match to iceberg lettuce than blue cheese dressing. I had one of those quarter of a head at a restaurant once. It felt a bit silly to knife and fork a salad as you would a piece of steak but it was pretty good.


Wow thats some deep red pork chops. Looks like baby ribeye steaks. Going to Legoland next month. Any good places to eat out there?


Hi Kat - That dressing came out really good.

Hi Cathy - I usually grill those veggies when I'm making something else, so that way they'll last for more than just one meal.

Hi Nate - I was really pleased with those chops..... it sure ain't the other white meat!

Hi Dennis - That's why they call it a "steakhouse salad".... you eat it with a fork and knife.

Hi Kyle - The one that immediately comes to mind is The Counter for burgers. There are some pretty good palces in the area..... by which I mean a 10 mile radius.


OMG I love salads like this. Thanks so much for sharing the recipe.


Hi Carol - Remember to use creme fraiche, it makes all the difference in the world.


I have to check out Ad Hoc at home, I keep seeing recipes that sound so excellent. I love the idea of blue cheese dressing with extra herbiness, that just sounds so good!


Hi FH - Yes, I really like the recipes in ad hoc at home, they are very accessible.

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