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Saturday, 04 September 2010



fun fun!


I finally went to Dean Sin World after reading your first post on it and I sure am glad I made the trip! It's pretty close to where I grew up and where my parents still live, so I'm definitely going back when I head up that way again. I got the potstickers/fried dumpling, shengjian bao, and the XLB. I have to say that I still dream about those potstickers - best I've ever had.


Oh what a wonderful array of food porn! Shoot, now I need some pork.


such a cute and fun post, how sweet =)


If you do another SGV food crawl, I'd love to join! :)


Looks pretty yummy. I'm intrigued by that hot and sour soup... the name usually brings flashbacks to the lunch special at the abc chinese food establishments my coworkers often dragged me too. I've never had an authentic establishment bring me a version of it, it looks pretty good.


Hi Kat - Yes it was.....

Hi Kim - I'm glad you tried and enjoyed Dean Sin World. I hope you have a chance to check out Giang Nan for the XLB and QingDao Bread Food for the Jiaozi. You can also get Shandong style Guotie there.

LOL Carol!

Thanks Lynnea.... and I know you're an expert on cute! ;o)

Hi Rosa - I'll let you know.

Hi Jason - That, I believe was just the English translation of the name of the soup, which was pretty good.


Wow that pig is awesome...

Take me here next time, Kirk! Looking forward to our next meal together.


no one can be mad when they're full on food (speaking from experience :))


Thanks for dinner. You really shouldn't have. Ba Ren exceeded my expectations which were already pretty hyped by the MIL. ;) I was a little worried that I wouldn't be able to handle the spice, but it was just right. Did they go easy on me? Thank you also for the omiyage. Please give the Missus my regards. Take care, Melissa


Hi Kayoko - LOL, that was from a party I went to recently!

Hi Minh - You're right!

Hi Melissa - I had a great time; and am glad you enjoyed the meal! I didn't order any of the real spicy dishes, but you did well. Hope to see you next time you're back in town!

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