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Tuesday, 07 September 2010



hi cathy - haha, my teenage nephew saw an ad for bob's big boy in the paper and asked me if that was "the thing in austin powers"? remember, dr. evil escaped in a bob's big boy statue?

there used to be a bob's in chula vista but now it's a carrows.

my husband and i will have to make a trip out to el cajon to try good ole bob's again! :)


Hi Cathy, I didn't even think a Bob's Big Boy even had an outpost around here.. Must try.
Didn't McD just copy them with their BigMacD?

Bbq Dude

Hah! The first joke I ever made up (age: 4) was centered around the big boy of Big Boy. I'll have to check this place out for old time's sake.


Hi Cathy,
I went last week with some friends for a nostalgia trip. It was almost like I remember it. I had the Chili Size and a chocolate shake. The best chocolate shake I've had in years. I even had my picture taken with Big Boy, like when I was a kid.


Hi pinkcandles! Big Boy *is* from another era...ours! I think most of the old Bob's locations turned into Carrows or a similar place. This has all the same flavors.
Dennis! Yes, the Big Mac is definitely a take on the Big Boy...and so is the Big Carl...
Tell me the joke BBQ Dude! Do take the drive to El Cajon. It's the same...
Glad you made it out here, Stephen. Chili Size is next order for me. I am not a sweets person and didn't get a shake or slice of pie. Really wanted a Brawny Lad (burger, slice of onion on a rye roll) they don't have it here :( But I know they still serve it in Michigan.) Road Trip!


Wow, it's been forever since I've eaten at a Bob's BB. I think I have a picture of my mom standing next to a BB.


I used to stop by Bob's in Barstow on the way to Vegas just to get my spaghetti n chilli fix once a year and yes their seasoning salt is addicting


When they all started closing around here, I thought it was nationwide, Carol. But we got it back! I have always purchased the BB Thousand Island salad dressing in the supermarket. Cravings...
Hi, MikeW. They closed the one in Barstow, where I used to stop...but a mere 30 miles East, in Baker...Bun Boy has turned into Big Boy!


Looks tasty but I wish I could recall if I've ever been to this joint.


Cathy! How does the fried chicken compare to KFC or Popeyes?


I think you'd remember the Big Boy statue out front, Bill.
Hey there, Soo. KFC is pressure fried, similar to broaster chicken ( but without using the proprietary broaster machine. Pappy Parker used to be sold out of several outlets back East, Roy Rogers was onelocation I remember. the breading has a baking powder base (like pakcake mix) so is a touch spongy-crisp...and the spices are unique. Not KFC flavored, and adding the BB seasoned salt makes the chicken wonderous!


This is the best news I've heard in months. I still remember going to the location on Paa street when I was a kid and the burger in your picture brought back so many memories. I can't wait - thanks!


I might just be going for that good looking fried chicken! cheers.. :)


Hi James. You'll like it. Things are looking upf or all of us.
Do enjoy it, Dennis. Pappy Parker's caught on a bit more back East. I am glad it is still around.

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