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Wednesday, 15 September 2010



can't wait for the Korea/Japan trip and then there is Alaska...Jamaica..


...and guam! :)

congratulations! i'm looking forward to the next 1500 posts.


Congrats Kirk and team mmm-yoso!! I think this would be year 5? Looking forward to many many more.. Cheers


Oh Yeah!
Can't wait to feed the hunger.


wow, 1,500 posts! congratulations kirk/missus, cathy and ed! love love love this blog!!!!




Congrats on 1500! While I can't say I've read all of them, I've really enjoyed reading the ones I have!


Congrats to the mmm-yoso crew! Keep up the fabulous blogging. :)


Holy cow that's a lot of posts - congrats!


=) best blog around! thanks for sharing with us.


Hi Chris - Jamaica! hmmm....

And Guam Santos! ;O)

Hi Dennis - We started in May '05, so I think we're starting year 6?

Hi Bill - Hopefull, our future posts will do that!

Hi CC - Thanks!

Hi Mills - It's so nice to hear from you!

Hi Jason - Honesty, I'm not even sure I've read my posts after typing them out!

Hi Rosa - Thanks so much!

Hi Mary - I'm surprised my keyboard is still intact! ;o)

Awww geez Lynnea, it's so sweet of you to say that!


Sweet! I'm sure I've read at least 1400 of them. Thanks for posting. Some of the best stuff on the internet. No joke! :)


Congrats on your milestone of 1500 posts, and what a great milestone post!


I think I may have read at all 1,500 posts! OK, maybe some of them I read, and others I skimmed but I'm sure I've looked all of the posts at some point.

Seriously, thank you for providing a valuable resource, and I look forward to more interesting posts.


And we thank you for posting! This blog has really been a great resource for learning about restaurants in San Diego.


Congrats and thanks to all of you at mmm-yoso! for so many wonderful posts over the years.


Congrats and thanks. I guess it all began with a 5,000 calorie meal......


Congrats on this milestone! You're blog has been something I look fwd to reading every day. I also saw you mentioned in the SD Magazine (or one of the mags - don't remember which one). Congrats on such a job well done :)


Hey mmm-yoso team, CONGRATULATIONS on 5 years and 1500 posts. I've learned a lot over the years, and have discovered some really good restaurants here in San Diego. Some right here in my neighborhood in North Park, that I had no idea were here. Looking forward to many more posts.


eat's been our pleasure as well.

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