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Wednesday, 01 September 2010


Garamond Masala

Hi Kirk,

I've only recently gotten into Chinese home cooking and so that brand of Chinkiang vinegar has been my only experience. Could you say a little about how it's weaker or inferior compared to other brands? I need to throw it out!


Hi GM - The Gold Plum brand Chinkiang Vinegar is a solid product. The item to the right, whatever brand that is, is not as good. There are a couple of other brands I like, but I haven't seen those recently.


I was thinking you can put in a whole bunch of those spring loaded snakes in that container. When someone opens it and gets a heart attack, you say "Well, didn't you read the label?"


Yet another new pho place! It does look promising that it will be a filet mignon pho restaurant.

One really does have to look at the labels carefully when shopping for Asian condiments because there's lots of copycat products.


that ashtray is something else. I haven't picked up smoking yet and after seeing that ashtray I certainly never will. Funny though! =)

Jeff C

Kirk, I've done that before with the black vinegar. You're right, it doesn't taste good at all. Have you used the red vinegars before?
Spam sandwich looks delish. But I'm old school. ITs a can of spam and a hot bowl of rice. I'm good.


Hi Kirk, the mignon pho place sounds exciting.
Also I've had unfortunate tastings of non-Spam brand pork luncheon meats in the past at various places and it's just not the same! :)


hi kirk - nice "Engrish"!

was it real Spam?

SPAM is awesome.

i just bought my husband a $7 spam shirt from tarjay. :)


I've got the vinegar on the right, never experienced any other. Maybe I need to upgrade?


Oh darn it! I got the wrong brand too only it's not that cheap. It was more than a buck for sure.

Still waiting for one day for Peter to make me a sandwich.


LOL Elmo! That would be pretty funny.....

Hi Sandy - I do hope they serve Filet Pho, and it's not just a "name".

Hi Lynnea - I couldn't help but laugh when I saw that ashtray.....

Hi Jeff - For it's Spam Musubi.... or Spam, eggs, and rice.

Hi Dennis - So you probably got "Treet-ti-fied". I've always said you should never eat any type of meat product that rhymes with "feet".

Hi CC - Yes, it was real Spam, versus some imposter.

Hi Vicki - Gold Plum is better than that imposter.

Hi Tammy - Gold Plum isn't that expensive.... you can buy that and do a taste test! ;o)


I was at this shopping center yesterday for lunch at Curry House (originally for Wa Okan but the cash only during lunch deterred us) and noticed the Pho place too!


We had Tulip brand in Okinawa too, oddly a Danish brand. Also not as good..


Hi Rosa - Wow, you're back here quite a bit nowadays!

Hi Dennis - Don't forget Hereford brand... so you have something that rhymes with feet, another that's named after a cow, but I don't think beef is used in it, and a flower.... go figure.

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