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Thursday, 19 August 2010



perspiring just looking at these photos! will take a look back in a couple of months when I'm fahreezing ;)


LOVE jellyfish! Just realized it's been far too long since I've had some. Of course, now I'm totally craving it.


Hi Kirk, I have friends that live near by and we come for dinner often. It's true the food seems to taste better with a few beers in you, ha ha. I always thought they were pretty good at execution, cleverly thrifty with the use of ingredients that would make Sandra Lee proud. But I can't believe they claimed the noodles to be hand made, well at least they did at one time..


LOL Kat!

Hi Marie - Yes, good jellyfish is very refreshing! I hope you get some soon.

Hi Dennis - I have friends who love Gyoza..... unfortunately, though the food is prepared adequately, it's not a destination for me.


There are just some things that taste better when impaired. And I've never let sweltering heat keep me from a bowl of ramen. Lucky for me considering how hot it gets out by me.


they really do have an excellent jellyfish salad, always get it when we go there. I love the fact that they are right up the street from me and they do a pretty good job on most of their dishes. No need to drive far(or at all) for good Japanese food.


I was actually in the mood for ramen today. Wish I checked your blog before I settled for something else haha. Also, I actually tried Jellyfish Salad for the first time at Dumpling Inn a few days ago. It was really good! Great post as always Kirk.


Hi Carol - You're a tough one....I couldn't manage ramen on a hot day like yesterday.

Hi Lynnea - That jellyfish is quite good.

Hi Darwin - The jellyfish at Dumpling Inn is about the only thing I enjoy here.

Nate @ House of Annie

Definitely, a tonkotsu ramen is better than a greasy burrito!

By the way, House of Annie has moved to its own domain, I'd appreciate it if you changed the link in your blogroll to point to the new site instead of the old ChezAnnies on BlogSpot. Thanks!


Hey, I am a huge ramen fan and was delighted to find Izakaya Masa recently (plus it's open late). I think it's the best ramen in SD but would love to know which was your favorite.


HiNate - Thanks for the heads-up, I've made the changes.

Hi Jon - Personally, I like the Tonkotsu style ramen from Santouka, just the Shio version though, as I found the miso ramen too salty. For straight up ramen Yakuyudori does a pretty solid job. I have an entire category for ramen, if you'd like to peruse.

Thanks for taking the time out to comment.

Hey Kirk, thanks for the shoutout in the blog! I'm honored!

Unfortunately, I think Izakaya Masa's quality control has been on hiatus. The past few times I've had the Hakata Ramen, I was disappointed. The broth is lacking, maybe a new chef? the noodles tend to be over cooked too. The pork seems undercooked.

I switch my vote for Ramen to Yakyudori overall. Perfect al dente noodles, and the best pork (melts in your mouth like the special pork included in the $10 Ramen at Santouka: perfect ratio of meat to fat). Shio and Shoyu reign supreme there, but Miso is still the best at Santouka (just add some extra water). The Miso at Yakyudori is way saltier than Santouka!

another thing: try the green vegetable gyoza! I think there's edamame in it . . . kind of reminds me of spinach tortellini!


Hi Sammusubi - Thanks for keeping up to date, I appreciate all the recommendations. I know folks love the Gyoza at Masa, but I've just never been that impressed.

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