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Friday, 13 August 2010



I think the Farmers Market Bag is a great offering - particularly with the addition of fish from Catalina.


hehe i read about this first (not sure if the same place) on cab's blog, but this sounds great...i definitely plan to shop at the farmer markets once i move up to davis. first time i heard of seafood being offered in the mix too. great post though, and i hope to see more $5 fridays in the future! =)


Always been a huge fan of the $5 Friday series Cathy! :) I randomly found specialty produce online when researching where to get whole truffles in SD (black or white). But never visited the place. Fyi, further researching I found out there were too many 'lesser' truffles sold as the real deal so the idea lost steam and I gave up.. Maybe that would've been my once in a year $50 Friday post, he he.. ;)


Hi Mike-I enjoy the FMB as a challenge (make meals from the contents, not unlike some bizarre TV shows), way to learn about new ingredients and way to support a few local businesses. I do shop at Catalina directly but the surprise seafood (sometimes there is shrimp and I have heard of scallops also being in the pack) makes it even more fun.
Hi Sawyer-I know I don't do recipes from a book, per se, but this is kind of how I always have cooked-buying items on sale and making meals from them, while having some basics always on hand. College frugality never left me. I suppose the lessons from my parents helped. I'll do more $5 Fridays; this one was easy.
Hey, Dennis! Do visit. I just saw on their website (via Facebook) that there is some sort of party for volunteers being held there this Sunday 11 -2, so there may be more people there than usual. You can always walk through and I hope you understand my directions. SP would have real trufffles. Just go and look. Especially if it's a hot day-the refrigerators are nice. Go ahead and make the recipe. Do things when you can!


Thank you so much for sharing! You get what we're doing & we love seeing the final results of the FMB :)

Our Farmer & Vendor partners are amazing, thanks again for the support!


Hi SpecialtyProd. Welcome to our blog. I do enjoy and appreciate the way things are done at your place, just didn't want to Facebook or Tweet it, since we are kind of anonymous. Glad you found us and the post. Just got my email reminding me to order my Market Bag-The one from week is almost gone, it was great!

Thanks for Tweeting us!


Thanks so much for posting this - we've been talking about doing this forever and now we're ready to take the plunge!


Thanks for blogging about this place, Cathy. I didn't even know they exist. I will try that bag out in two weeks. I can't wait! I love farmer's market but I can never make it to one.


Hi Cathy, I really like the fact that I can just order a bag when I want to and not be committed to 6 or 12 weeks from CSAs. Don't get me wrong, I like CSAs. But like you said, every week of sometimes the same thing over and over again can get a little stale for me. I'm definitely going to check SP out, especially since I can get some Catalina Shore items. Great post and your lunch looks good!


Hi, James. Glad I could help. There is no commitment, except for the week you do order. Do it.
You're welcome, Tammy! The hours for pick up are good. You can always just go shop in the warehouse if you forget to order the bag.
Hello, Carol. Yes, I think this system is just right for the lives we lead. Lunch was really good. I'm 'cooking' ceviche right now...


Hey, cool. We went about 2 weeks ago to check out the place looking for some mushrooms and the place is very nice. Glad you got to try out the bag, we weren't sure if it was going to be too much food. Definitely will go back, and will remember to dress warmly this time. T-shirts were too flimsy....brrrr.


Thanks for posting this. This looks ideal for me and I put in an order for next week. I like the concept of CSAs and want to support local growers but always balked at having to pay up front for multiple weeks and then keep a regular date with my produce. I'm happy to see a more flexible option.


Hi Didi- Which mushrooms did you decide on? There are so many! I always am wearing at least 3 layers of tshirts mornings and then hot daytimes then cool at night again.
You're welcome, SK. I try to share my own experiences. It's good someone else has the same dilemma. Did you get your bag yet? Purslane...

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