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Thursday, 12 August 2010



Wow that was quick. But judging by your photos seems not a whole lot changed inside (which I'm sort of glad) except the menu of course.
Curious if the eel dish used the smaller baby eels, or simply chopped fine?


This looks like it will be another good choice in that mall. Almost every spice can be had, from the subtle Japanese at Okan, the curries at Curry House to Mexican at Palomino's and Americanized jalapenos at Subway...and the various desserts at Sage French Cake and Cafe Hue(that post is in my camera). Now to deal with the parking...


Hi Dennis - Smaller eels are usually used in Chinese dishes, you'll be seeing a bunch in my future China posts.

Hi Cathy - That's right.... funny, they could fly a whole bunch of different flags in front of that mall.


Since they retained the old chef, does that mean they still have the old Shanghai City favorites? (XLB, etc.)

I hope it doesn't turn into one of those places that tries to do too many different things, and ends up doing none of them well.


I'm excited to check out this place! So glad you already did a review!


looks delicious!

Jeff C

This looks good. I'm sure they've reduced the spiciness to try to accommodate local taste buds.
Eel dish looked great. One of my favorites is baby eel with garlic sauce. Had that dish in Taiwan.
Looks like the Pao Jiao for the long been that my grandmother makes. When those are made right, that pickled long bean wokked with ground pork is just heavenly.


thanks, Kirk. looks promising. how's the comparison to Dede's on the spicy scale?
one of the best Hunan's dish i've had was at Dong Ting Spring in Las Vegas.


I thought the quality was really going downhill at Shanghai City the last few visits. Love the blog


what a stupid name... has no correlation with the name in Chinese . I was hoping for a remodel out of the 70's era decor but perhaps that might be a stretch.


Hi Jason - I'll check next time.....

Hi Kirbie - What we had was not bad.

Hi Kat - It seems that we made some pretty good choices.

Hi Jeffrey - It was a pretty good meal, but they need to bump up the "big spicy" to real big spicy, especially since they ask what heat level.

Hi Didi - More spicy than Dede's for sure.

Hi MikeW - We hadn't been to Shanghai City in a while. It seemed that everytime we went, they had bumped up the price of the weekend menu.

Hi andy - I think the owners believe that "Spicy City" is a brand here in San Diego, and wanted to make the association.


Hi Kirk, went last night and it was very tasty. That duck is so very good. We also got the lamb with cumin and it was mild and smoky, and very good. And the mapo tofu was all chili goodness.

One of my friend recognized the gentleman from Dede's and he came over and chatted. He told us they sold Dede's and bought this place, which seems to explain why Dede's was being remodeled during a stop last week.

And yes, they do have Xiao Lung Bao.


Hi Didi - Now I've got to try out the cumin lamb.... one of my favorite dishes. That's interesting.... it seems to be a cooperative effort between Spicy City and the former Dede's folks then.


We just went there today and got the Crispy Fish with Pepper aka Eel and it was pretty tasty. The portions were huge! I don't think my body could handle more than 10 pieces unfortunately and it looked like the plate had about 50 on it. We also got the Sizzling Beef. That was very tasty and didn't list it as having any spice but it actually was more spicy than the eel. There was quite a bit of pepper in the dish though. Overall, pretty good and well worth another visit.


Hi Darren - Yes, the portions here look pretty hefty.


I was there on 8/12 for lunch and had a promising meal -- no Ba Ren though. Had twice cooked fish with chilis, which was puffy and kind of like cumin Fish 'n' Chips with peppercorn burn. Now, having read your review, I am super-disappointed to have missed seeing you, my Asian Food Superhero.


LOL Greg! Maybe we'll run into each other one of these days!


my favorite 2 restaurants are
spicy house and spicy city.They actually the same owner.
but spicy house has more choices.

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