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Sunday, 29 August 2010



None of the sandwich looks like a winner to me.


Not a Philly native here, but a huge fan of all things Philly. Its a shame that the best part of some of your sandwiches Kirk, were the fries! You got me wanting a nice whiz philly now!


Hi Bill - Yep.... no big winna's

Hi Darwin - This was just an add-on to my previous post. I wanted to cover places I missed last time.


Hi Kirk! Too bad your cheesesteak was cold, yuck! The one I go to is the one in Mira Mesa and the sandwiches have always been hot. But it has been a while since I've been.


Hi Carol - It was the rolls that were cold..... which is not so good eats for a Cheesesteak.


Hey Kirk,

Thanks for giving Jersey Mike's another try. It's too bad it was underwhelming. The 3 times I've gotten a cheesesteak the bread has been pretty fresh and toasted ever so lightly & I've actually gotten a pretty good meaty punch.

Oh well, I still prefer Pops and need to make it down to the Olde City Grill to give them a second chance. Thanks for taking the time to check it out Kirk!


Hi Derek - Thanks for the rec, It was just too much bread for me.


I see that you stopped by my restaurant for a Philly. Thanks for the review (I think). I am the owner of Letty's Bean Shack. The reason the bun is placed on top of everything is that I wanted the sandwich to be as authentic as possible. I researched the sandwich before I placed it on the Menu and found a you-tube video of either Pat's or Gino's showing the sandwich cooked in this manner. If you know your cheesesteaks, you know that these are the restaurants that invented them. I too prefer a toasted bun, but the way I do it is the way that it is done by the creators. You can always ask for the bun to be toasted and we will gladly so so for you.
As for the smaller sandwich. It is a balance trick. I refuse to use cheap meat. A proper Philly uses only rib-eye steak - but my location is one that serves the hospital community. Most of my clients are customers 3 to 5 times a week and want affordable prices. This is the most expensive item on my menu at $6.75. But that leaves no room for huge portions of Rib-eye. I do offer an off the menu version of the Philly. Full foot long for $9.75 - this also includes the fries.
Also we have invented or own version the the Philly. We and taken the sandwich and moved it west. It is another off the menu item. The same Philly sandwich with Avocado added. We call it the San Diego Cheesesteak. We hope that it catches on and maybe we will someday be as famous at Pat's and Gino's. Stop by and try it sometime. Just make sure and ask us to toast your buns. Thanks,

Owner of Letty's Bean Shack.


Hi Reggie - And welcome! BTW, I've done my own research.....I've been to both Pat's and Geno' I've been there, though I haven't seen a Youtube video. You do know that the locals pretty much consider Pat's and Geno's kinda tourist traps and trips down memory lane nowadays, right? Of course, if you read the first part of this post you'd know that.
Therein lies the problem of the par-baked amoroso.... Pat's and Geno's gets them fresh...while US Foods and Sysco...well you know enough. How about this for a kicker, why don't you pool your customers and see who still phone orders from Alex's?? Which ain't all that hot in my opinion. Why not lose the fries and go with more meat. Also, I never had a cold roll at either Pat's or Geno' go figure, maybe you don't have to toast them.

Ed (from Yuma)

funny that I missed this from years ago. My ancient memory of the closest thing that I've ever had to a real Philly cheesesteak did have the roll placed on top of the meat and cheese on the grill, but I believe the roll had been warming on the flattop before scooping up the fillings. But memory is a very tricky thing any time, and at my age . .


Hi Ed - Yep, they warmed the roll on the flat top......but what do you expect from someone who based all of his expertise on a Youtube video????


Hi Ed - They did warm the roll on the flat top at Pat's and Geno's....of course, what do you expect from someone who bases everything on some Youtube video....

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