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Friday, 27 August 2010



love this song!


Isn't all Friday an Aloha Friday?


Please tell the missus, she's not as crazy as all that =) It got hot and I had a sudden craving for pho as well. I didn't actually go out and eat any because I knew I wouldn't be able to convince matthew that I was sane =)


I agree with Kat, great song Kirk! I found out the part where he's actually saying "get one hot concert too man".. I thought he said "And go get some hot Katsu!" Haha, maybe that's something what I'd do.. ;)


Me to Kat!

Yes Tammy...... so isn't it about time that I referenced that? ;o)

Hi Lynnea - I dunno, it was pretty hot!

Hi Dennis - It's one of my favorties too.


Now I'll be singing "do do do, do do do do do do do" all day long. :-) Crap, now I'm craving Korean Chicken and Chicken Katsu.

Eat. Travel. Eat!

Gee, that plate is huge! The korean chicken looks quite interesting...or is the photo just tricking me. LOL. Me like tendons!


Hey Carol - You can't help but sind along, can you?

Hi ETE - The korean chicken is probably the best thing at Homestyle Hawaiian. It's marinated in a sweet-soy mixture, floured, then fried, and covered with more of the sauce when it's done.


Pho Ca Dao's soup for vietnamese is just "water" lol, normally pho cook the right way is quite rich, you see the yellow fat floating around, it's really good and fatty :). now a day it's rare to see any place does it like that any more (1 is health concern and 2 is that it's gonna cost alot more making a soup that rich), but take my word on it, it's out of this world compare to the crappy pho places.


Hi Minh - Thanks for your two cents. I've had good home made Pho, and have also had Pho in VN, so I do know what it is. But like you said, it'll cost a lot more.... and sort of like your Yum Cha Cafe - it's economies of scale at work. And even though the Pho is inexpensive, it shouldn't be scummy.

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