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Tuesday, 24 August 2010



what a market! great posts Kirk!


I had been following your entire series, Kirk. Thoroughly enjoyed it! Ben


Hi Kat - Thanks!

Hi Ben - I'm glad you're still reading. Some of my future posts on our trip are even more interesting.....


great photos and that market looks amazing! what's that cornbread pancake looking stuff above the cart of tomatoes? did you try it?


Hi sawyer - It's a type of "bread" made with corn. Sorry to say we didn't try any.


I love how you always stumble upon the markets and the cute doggies. I think you have an automatic sensor in your brain =)


Hi Lynnea - I guess we focus on dogs because we have them.... sorta like how folks with infants tend to focus on other infants.... or perhaps people who make cute little octopi focus on those! ;o)

Juanita Sanchez-Sevilla

Kirk, I enjoyed meeting you at Peter Le's sandwich shop a few weeks ago at lunchtime. I just have to say that I've really enjoyed all the posts and pictures from China. Great stuff!


Hi Juanita - It was a pleasure meeting the both of you! I hope to be able to chat again soon. Thanks for reading, and all the kind words.


Hi, Kirk and the Missus.
It's Melissa, your MIL's friend from work. Hope this finds you well. Thank you for your sweet card. Love the trip pics. I'll be in San Diego for work on Tues, Sept 7. I don't know exactly what my schedule will be like yet, but I hope to have time to stop at Ba Ren. Let me know if you want anything from Hawaii or the MIL and I'll try to deliver it. Take care.


Hi Melissa - We'll be seeing you soon!



Just wanted to say thanks for the amazing posts on Qingdao. I'm headed there for business soon and though I've done a good bit of traveling, photos and other people's experiences are always a great help. You did an amazing job!


Hi Drew - I hoep you have a great time! I've heard that there are some really good Korean Restaurants in QingDao, but we never had the chance to check them out! Enjoy the seafood!

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