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Sunday, 15 August 2010



Beer in a bag, now that's funny! I love it.


fun! beer in a bag!


How nice...


Hi Lynnea - You can't beat beer in a bag! ;o)

Hi Kat - Yes, I finally got it!

Hi Bill - It was very good......


Beer in a that's all sorts of awesome!

Andy (美國土子)

is that a boba straw?


Today I learned that Canadians buy milk in bags, and now I learn about Qindao Beer In Bag! Truly an educational day.


Hi Rosa - Beer in a bag.... it has a ring to it, doesn;t it?

Hi Andy - Yes it was..... you can get more volume in that way!

Hi Zompus - In South and Central America they serve all kinds of juices and smoothies in bags as well.

[eatingclub] vancouver || js

Beer in a bag! We used to buy pop in a bag. Of course, we didn't know if the bag they used were actually safe for food or extremely toxic. LOL


lol this is so awesome, and with a straw!!! lmao...i had something similar in korea but it was more of a "trendy" place where i drank jungle juice that picture though



Hi Sawyer - You gotta love beer in a bag.... can you imagine the possibilities???!!

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