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Thursday, 05 August 2010



The food sure looks fresh.

Cathy K

We have enjoyed this restaurant several times with family and friends. The food is fresh, delicious and well priced. We had dinner for 5 at $125. with appetizers and drinks. Great atmosphere and service too.


What, no flaming cheese? ;)


The food was very fresh and wonderful, Bill. My camera and photographic skills didn't do it justice...

For the quality, the prices are very fair, CathyK. We did love the atmosphere and service also. Welcome to our blog.

It was lunchtime, JF. Plus flaming cheese is so '60's...


It's a very good place to eat, go there fairly often with my family. Personally love the tyropita as well as the spanikopita. I also recommend trying the Mousicka (or however you spell it) and the kebabs which are great.

Its a place that you can get good sandwiches and appetizers as well as getting a proper sit down meal. Have to admit I've never liked their soups though


Hi again, Loren! The crispiness of the fresh spanikopita is addictive. I will try the tyropita and moussaka next time- I love eggplant. Thanks for the reccommendations.

ed (from yuma)

Looks so good, making me so hungry. Oh, I gotta get me some lunch. Too bad nothing like this out here in the desert.


I've had lunch there before. The food was good, but the service was not. Maybe it was just one of those days, but our server was rude and not the least bit friendly. She never smiled and had this look on her face like we had run over her dog or something. I think I'd be more understanding if we were there late afternoon or evening and she had been there all day. But it was around noon and it wasn't busy at all.


Hey, ed. The food here just is so fresh and good. We are lucky to have so many Mediterranean based cuisines out here in San Diego, as well as seafood. You have found some real gems in Yuma, which is great. Because you share with us.

Well. The food was good, which is the main part of eating lunch, Johari. Can't imagine what could be rude about not friendly or not smiling. If she did her job and took your order and brought your food, then other things must have been making a sad day for her. We all need to be understanding of others.

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