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Sunday, 08 August 2010



Hi Kirk, I wanted to try the cabeza but they were out that night. Your lengua looks a bit more chopped than mine was and better. I'd probably try visiting the location again, just preferably not late at night.. Have you tried Manny's in Normal Heights yet? I'd be interested to know what you think.


Oh my bad, I thought the cart was still on ECB.. I need to read slower!


Hi Dennis - No problem. I've been trying to check out Manny's, but things usually get going a bit late for an old guy like me!


everything looks great! if they do have 99cent tacos that would be even better!


Hi Kat - Yes, that would be even better!


I used to go to this taco cart a bunch when my friend used to live in Linda Vista. I'll have to check it out again!


Hi Mary - It was nice to see them back in the neighborhood.


I was mislead by the sign too
but if you look closely, (and you can even see in this sign) at the bottom right hand corner it says "fish." And every time Ive been there the fish tacos are only a dollar.


Hi Phuong - That's interesting.... especially since I got charged $6 for my four tacos.


I wonder if it's because you ordered more and they got confused? or you didnt get ring up by the usual cashier?
I think you should try it again! because a dollar for a fish taco is a steal in my book :)

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