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Wednesday, 11 August 2010



Dang been so busy but I really need to visit Sam soon.. Everything looks great!


hi kirk!
Wow! That is A LOT of food there! Must try that place one day!


"three times a week"
Yikes! Watch out for Minamata.

Aubree Miller


Hi Dennis - Sam was asking about you!

Hi CC - We did eat a pretty good amount of food.

Not to worry Hao...... I was basically saying I could eat there that often if I wanted too.

Thanks for the link Aubrey!


Omg, I need to go pay Sam a visit. Fried shrimp heads and salmon please!


looks like a fun and yummy dinner. such pretty arrangements too.

ed (from yuma)

Great to see Sammy back on his game. I missed him.


sounded like a fun gathering!


Wow, the food looks amazing. So glad you finally did a post on Sushi Yaro!I thought you might be hesitating because of your friendship with Sam, but I'm glad you did the post. Or else how will the rest of us know what to order? ;-)


Hi Rosa - Yes, you should! Let me know when you go.....

Hi Lynnea - I still rememeber meeting you guys at Sammy's!

Hi Ed - Sam asked me how you were doing!

Hi Kat - I look forward to our monthly meals.

Hi Kirbie - There's a lot to order.... I think the stuff coming out of the kitchen is not bad.


I want Razor Clams ;(


Great post. Its been too long since I've had sushi. The food looks great. Gonna have to try it out. Thanks


Hi YY - Make sure to let Sam know!!!

Hi Stephen - Try it out; even though they don't have a huge variety, what they do have is pretty solid.


nice report kirk! another place to add on my evergrowing list of joints to go to next time i'm down in sd....beautiful pics. did you have have any favorite joints when you were livin in the rowland area?


Thanks for suggesting another great meal! I'm still thinking about those shrimp heads...


yay, I'm happy to find out Sam is back. thanks, Kirk. I can't wait to go and say hello, and of course, eat. wow, looks great. wish I'd known earlier about the grand opening. :)


What a feast! They are all my favorites. I would be a happy camper if I were sitting at that table.


Hi Sawyer - We had quite a few favorite places when we lived in Rowland Heights..... however most of them are gone now. You should check out the Chicne Box in La Habra, for some reason we really miss the place.

Hi Jenne - I'm glad you enjoyed the food.... and for letting me be lazy about taking photos!

Hi Didi - You should drop by and say hello to Sam!


Mr. C says he's jealous. Sammy needs to replicate this same order when our food club comes.

Very nice pictures, Kirk. They make me salivate.

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