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Monday, 16 August 2010



Howdy Kirk! Long time follower, first time poster.

Thanks for the chicken tips. I was in the mood for some chicken wings actually. I might try out Sab E Lee since I haven't been there yet.


Hi Kirk, Que Huong was fun! Thanks again. The fish sauce wings were definitely my favorite too, though the tamarind was pretty tasty as well. I need to finally try Kyochon one of these days. I haven't been back to the Korean BBQ Chicken joint off convoy since they opened. I wasn't impressed then but my visit was literally a few days after they opened. Maybe it's worth another try, we'll see.


Hi Darwin - Thanks for taking the time out to comment! You have a nice blog yourself!

Hi Dennis - I had a great time as well. I've been back to BBQ Chicken..... but it was pretty much the same.


"It ain't nothing but a wing thing, bay-bee!"

TOSEL's wings look positively mouth-watering...


chicken wings!! mmm!


Wings again?

We tried the wings at TOSEL last year and they were wonderful. I don't remember the sauce came with it though. It was so good that Mr. C wanted to buy them for the tailgating party.

My first really good wings experience was when my students bought salt and pepper garlic chicken wings at a 99Cent Chinese food to our potluck party. It is now a taco place. I think it's one block away from 777 on the same side. So sad.=(


I'm really old school because I remember a time when you couldn't give away chicken wings. Now they are a delicacy commanding a high price. Who knew!


LOL Rosa!

Double mmm Kat!

Hi Tammy - More wings! Of course, you know how much I love them. After having TFC in Thailand, these don't even compare.... I'm thinking of making my own version.

Hi AZ - I miss those days.... wings used to be so cheap!


I used to get the chicken wings at TOSEL all the time but not so much anymore. They have not been all that good. The garlic used to never be burnt and had a good amount of spiciness (usually). And I'm with you on the size of the wings. The second joint is still my favorite.


I love your dedication to the chicken wing!


Hi Carol - I'm in total agreement.... it all about ratios of skin to meat.

Hi Su-Lin - I guess I do have thing about wings! ;o)


Hey Kirk-
I know you're not much a fan of Phuong Trang, but I find their wings to be quite good. Also, if you like traditional Buffalo Style-Hamilton's Tavern in South Park has some really good ones. If you go with a buddy, get the "Deer Hunter" wings, it's like a Russian Roulette of wings-one wing is mind numbingly hot. Kinda fun to see who gets it.

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