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Monday, 23 August 2010



After watching the Great Food Truck Race on the Food Channel, I've been wanting some banh mi (In case you haven't seen the show, there's a truck that sells banh mi). The sandwiches looked great. Ill try to stop by Mira Mesa some time and check one of these places out!


you gotta take a photo of the finger snapper


Hi Darwin - I'd recommend checking out Cafe Dore or Saigon Sandwiches, then heading off to Cali Express, first.

Hi Santos - LOL!


I wondered about how good TMMG's banh mi would be; now I know.

Cali Baguette is across the street now (same strip mall as Bolsa). Now that makes four banh mi places at that intersection. We've been buying their baguettes.


Gosh I don't think I had a banh mi this year.. Must remedy that. :)


I've tried Express Deli and thought it was pretty good even though the meat portions were a bit sparse. But I still go to Cali Baguette the most.


I think I got a Bahn Mi a long long looooooong time ago from Express Deli once. I used to go to that little shop in Ranch 99 next to 168 (wonder if it's still there?).

I'm looking fwd to getting my Bahn Mi fix from Nom Nom Truck (mentioned by Darwin) this Saturday at the OC Foodie Fest! Hoping it's as good as the hype makes it out to be.


Heck I wish there was a decent place here that serves banh mi period.
If 85 is bad dang 95ish must be hellish ;-).


We're looking a 111° but feels like 116° because of the humidity. I did a Yahoo search for restaurants serving banh mi in my area, there are none. The Valley of the Sun listed only four restaurants serving banh mi, and they are clear across the Valley from my house. Would I drive two hours for sandwich? Not in this heat!


Hi Kirk! First time commenter here, but loooong time reader! Former SO CAL girl here, turned Seattlelite. WOW didn't know TAN KY, was selling Banh Mi now, funny that the Finger Snapper is still there. He has the most luscious eyebrows ever! I'm jealous! LOL! I know when I'm back in town, I have to eat sitting away from him. Otherwise I am left sitting there just staring at him!


jalapeno roulette - i love it! =)


Hi Sandy - We still go to the original location of "Cali" quite often. I haven't tried the MM location yet.

Hi Dennis - I think with the hot weather, Banh Mi just sounds perfect!

Hi Carol - I hadn't been to Express Deli in quite a while. I was surprised at the price increase.

Hi Rosa - Sau Voi is still there. I'm looking forward to the Nom Nom post.....

Pure hell Billy.... pure hell. ;o)

Hi AZ - I don't think I'd ever drive 2 hours for any sandwich.... though I could make up excuses for going in the general direction.....

Hi Trang - Well thanks so much for commenting! You really cracked the Missus & I up....

Hi Lynnea - Yeah, they kinda hide those Jalapenos in the sandwich, and when you eat one.... blam!

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