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Monday, 05 July 2010



Hi Kirk I heard about Tabe's permanent location on Darlene's blog but it was a bit out of way for me. Great way to kill some time while your car is being washed though! :)
I enjoy Tabe's tacos but I feel they're a bit expensive. The burrito was a better fill. I won't be back to KalbiQ in the near future but they seemed to be doing good business.


too bad about those photos they looks really delicious! the fries do sound amazing!


Looks good!

Off topic, but is there anywhere in San Diego I can find some li hing mui candy?

Bbq Dude

I'm with you. I could never bring myself to try Kogi. I was intrigued, right up until I heard about the line. 2 hours in line? For a food truck? With the expectations that a 2 hour line produces, I can't imagine a food truck meeting them. I'll try Kogi in a year or two when it's not cool anymore and the fad has passed...


Hi Dennis - I was quite surprised finding Tabe at the carwash. Kalbiq is not very good IMHO.

Hi Kat - I did enjoy those fries. Plus Todd was a really nice guy.

Hi Johari - Your best bet in San Diego would probably be Marukai. Please be advised that most of the "local kine stuffs" is in Marukai Living, not the main market. It's the building to the right of the market. Senbei, Mac Nuts, etc, etc, are tucked away in the far right corner. Good luck!

Hi BBQ Dude - Even without a 2 hour wait, Kogi wouldn't have impressed me very much.


I completely agree on the use of fruit toppings on savory dishes. Unless it is done really well I just find in unappealing.

Unless the fruit is tomato or avocado - then it's fine...


they must be doing good to have a place opened up in a car wash? sounds like a good idea. those fries look great too...i don't think i've seen that before. lol kirk i can't see you waiting 2 hours in line...yea kogi was def. a let down, but it's definitely crazy how they generated that much hype


The Tabe truck parks next to my office complex so I end up getting lunch there fairly often.

I really wish they would cut down on the sugar in the marinades, and I think the fruit salsas can work in theory but Tabe's are often disappointingly bland. I usually get the spicy pork because it has a little more flavor complexity than the beef. However, unless the taco truck market in Sorrento Valley really heats up I will keep going back for those addictive five-spice fries and the efficient service.


Hi Mike - I don't know if it was growing up in the islands.... but I just could never get over the pineapple or mandarin orange topping stuff....

Hi Sawyer - You know me well.... I don't think I've ever waited two hours for anything..... and don't think I will ever again.

Hi SK - That pork had too much going on.... but I do love those fries.


Awww, Hubby and I liked Kogi! But we also didn't have to wait 2 hrs...more like 10 mins. I think the insane wait is past now that other similar trucks have popped up. I wouldn't wait 2 hrs for ANY food truck...unless it was laced with crack and I was addicted.

Hubby thought the short rib taco from Kogi was on the sweet side and preferred the chicken. I liked the sweet but the toppings did make it a little messy. The tortilla wasn't soggy fortunately so it all held together for the most part. It sounds like perhaps we had a better food experience with Kogi than you did. But I agree, it's not worth a 2hr wait.


Hi Rosa - I just thought all the Kogi stuff was mostly hype..... I guess I just wasn't impressed.

Nanci Gorton

I love the Tabe spicy pork and the fish tacos, The fruit makes it different and it stands out above others.


Hi Nanci - I guess I'm just not impressed with a tiny piece of fish with a canned mandarin orange slice on it. Not enough fish too much other stuff.....

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