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Wednesday, 14 July 2010



Maybe you should have put the worst at the top since it just ruin my appetite now ;-) This is my favorite joint when I'm in town. Check it out when you get a chance.,-117.902827&sspn=0.02511,0.031672&ie=UTF8&view=map&cid=17969550609979552072&ved=0CFMQpQY&hq=phillys+best&hnear=&z=17


I don't know if I've ever had a Philly cheesesteak... And even though I LOVE mushrooms, for some reason, I stay away from them when it comes to burgers/sandwiches. Maybe I should just try a mushroom steak and kill two birds with one stone. ;)

And don't worry, my cats talk to me all the time... ;D So does the pug but all he ever says is "Feed me, Seymour!"


i love that place so many cheesesteak restaurant so many chosen where you sit the right place restaurant.


Good food and a cute dog what more do u need! :-)


I'm impressed with your research! It's a tough job, but someone has to do it, right?

Personally, I like the mushroom and provolone. Cheeze Whiz and I had a disagreement years ago, but maybe I'll try it on a cheesesteak sandwich next time.


I think I look like that dog drooling over everything you had :0


I also don't understand why Philadelphia Sandwich Company is still around. Maybe it's the cheap rent since they've been around so long, but their sandwiches were meh for me. I only went a few years ago because I had a B1G1 coupon.

I also had Gaglione Bros and it was quite good. Have to give the other joints a shot. When I visited Philly a few years back I fell for Gino's and Pat's. I got them with cheese whiz and man, my stomach was not happy!


Next time you are up in San Marcos around lunchtime, give me a holler and we'll go try Philly Frank's.


Ohmygosh, droool! Those look good! I haven't found a good Philly place here in Seattle yet, but I'll keep my stomach out :)


Have you tried the Cheesesteak from Jersey Mike's? I went there the other day and was surprised how good it was. You can get their "HUGE" for right around $10 and I was surprised with the flavor of the meat and the quantity of it on the sub.

Pop's is my "goto" for cheesesteaks and sadly... the one time I gave Olde City a try, it barely had any meat on it and the meat that was on there was flavorless. For a $10 and '12 cheesesteak I was greatly disappointed. The picture of your '6 looks to have TWICE the meat of my '12. Oh well, good thing I can always cruise over to Pop's or Jersey Mike's.


You'll always be my food blogging inspiration Kirk!! haha.. :) I love mushrooms, canned, fresh or rehydrated shiitake.. But yeah places need to be real about what it is. Anyhow I've always been meaning to check out Pop's. Thanks for the great post!


Hi Bill - I will check that out when I have a chance.

LOL Rosa... my mutts "talk" ot me all the time!

Hi Jenelyn - Yes.... we're lcuky to have such a selection

Hi Gina- You're right..... not much more than a cute dog is needed for any post.

Hi Sandy - I'm not a big fan of "the Whiz" as well......

Hi Kat - If only he'd had all the stuff I'd eaten!

Hi Kamisama - I'm not such a big fan of "the Whiz" as well.....

OK Liver - I'll take you up on that!

Hi Sara - I'm sure you'll find something......

Hi Derek - Jersey Mike's seemed much like Subway on my visits... thouhg if you think it's worth a visit.....

Hi Dennis - I'm glad this'll get you out there checing out some cheesesteaks!



I ate a "sub" from Jersey Mike's and wasn't very impressed... like you said, kinda subway like. However, their cheese steak was gridded on the flattop with the normal meat, cheese, onions, etc and then finished with white cheddar. Maybe I was there on an "on" day but I tend to be pretty picky with it comes to my cheesesteaks but oddly enough I was impressed by their offering. I guess the trick is consistency, I'll see how they do next time.

On a site note... VERY impressive cheesesteak post with lots of great reading and pictures. Thanks for sharing as always =)


Hey Derek - OK, I'll make sure to have a cheesesteak there next time! Thanks for the rec.

jeff c

Kirk, Other than vietnamese subs, these are my other all time favorites. I'm wondering if you know of any great Italian beef dip sandwiches. I only know of one place that was on Hacienda blvd next to a firepot place. Great Italian grocery store and deli.

Captain Jack

Hello Kirk!

Thank you for the great shouts out, and all the kind words. You did a really great job on this article. I was sad to hear about Alex's. I have an old post that shows my cheesesteak's wrapper soaked in juice/grease. I wonder what caused their decline.

Thanks again,


Awesome report - I've only been to Philadelphia Sandwich Co. and the food reminded me of something you'd get at a mall or airport food court. Will definitely check out the others, though!


This looks like fun research :-)

Looks like I'm going to have to stop by Olde City soon!

btw, yeah, something you might want to try at Eddie's is The Nancy sandwich - turkey, swiss, cole slaw, and Russian dressing on grilled rye. That's Jenne's fave.


Hi Jeff - I think you're referrring to HVM - Hacienda Village Meats. We used to go there quite often. They are still around.

Hi CJ - I dunno, but over the last couple of years, it's quite marked.....

Hi James - I'm not a real fan of the Philadelphia Sandwich Company, I've never gotten a decent sandwich there.

Hi Howie - The Nancy, huh? I'm going to have to try that.


Oh man, now i want a cheese steak! I have to say, the last time i went to Pat's in Philly the steak was awful. Horrible.

The only cheese steaks i had in san diego were from philadelphia sandwich co (blech) and Giorgino's (which i liked).

Now that i am back on the east coast, i hope to eat a lot more cheese steaks. I just found a great place for italian subs near my house, so that's a start. The hometown food here seems to be hot weiners, coffee milk, and clam cakes. Not too sure about any of those yet.

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