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Saturday, 31 July 2010



The stir-fry looks delicious! I think it's about time I invest in a high BTU burner this summer.... :)

Jeff C

Kirk, looks awesome. Your wok skills look great. I never new what those bulbs were and what the gingko nuts were for. I always assumed they were more for Vietnamese dishes. Would love to know what recipe you used to incorporate it. Please?


looks like a great stir-fry :)


Oh no! Shanghai City was sold?!?! I would have liked a couple more orders of XLB, the Niu Ro Mein, and the Chow Neen Go. I guess the next question is where's the next best place to get my XLB fix satiated?


we noticed something was up when we were at Nijiya last week. it's really too bad.


Wow, that stir fry looks great, Kirk.

Yeah, sad day that Shanghai City was closed. We happened to go the last night they opened, and got to say goodbye and good luck to the waiters. :( Didn't get to have their Niu Ro Mein but did ordered Xiao Lung Bao. Supposedly, the new owners are the same as Spicy City.


Hi Dennis - Omce you've used a high BTU burner, it's hard to do without.

Hi Jeffrey - Lily Bulb is really great in a light stir-fry.... we had it with celery, cucumber, bittermelon in China.

Thanks Kat!

Hi Jason - Yes, it's sad, they've been around so long. As for XLB, sadly we go to the SGV for it. Nothing in San Diego even measures up.....

Hi Lynnea - Yes, really sad.

Hi Didi - That's interesting. I'm wondering what style of Chinese they're planning to do??


I tried out a stirfry with bai he and gingko nuts this evening and found the result rather unsatisfying. I'm wondering if I didn't use a good cooking method or if I just don't particularly like either ingredient.

Are you doing anything to prepare the gingko nuts before cooking them? I sauteed them in oil for several minutes and found they had a faintly unpleasant bitter taste.

I used the bai he in a simple stirfry with greens and egg, flavored with a little soy sauce and wine. Nothing wrong with them, but they just didn't seem to have much of a flavor.


Hi SK - It could be a little of both. Ginko Nuts are a pretty strong "herb" so you don't want to only use a few of them in a dish. I rinse them well, because.... well if you've ever smelled ginko biloba.... they are good as a ingrdient in certain stir-fries and soup, but never the main focus of a dish. As for the Baihe, it is very mild in flavor, and you'll usually see them simply stir-fried with a bit of salt, alongside something with a bit more heft. I think the eggs and soy sauce basically killed it. Bai he is another item that supposedly has great health benefits.

Yet another Pam

Oh, that's right. I bought some baihe a couple weeks ago. The same brand, even. (dashes off to cook dinner. With baihe in the stirfry.)


Time to get cooking Pam!

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